``Alien civilizations change the orbit of the planet to send math-based messages,'' astronomers claim

The Voyager, which left for space with a message from the earth, is equipped with a

golden record that can decipher data with hints of mathematics and chemistry. It is hoped that it will become a kind of common language between the unknown extraterrestrial civilizations. A novel paper has been published that proposes that if there is an alien civilization with much more advanced technology than the earth, it may change the orbit of the planet and make the movement of the celestial body itself a mathematical message.

Mathematical encoding within multiresonant planetary systems as SETI beacons | Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society | Oxford Academic

Aliens could move entire planets to send a math-based code to other civilizations

Some celestial bodies are known to have orbits called 'resonance orbits'. For example, Jupiter has satellites called Io, Europa, and Ganymede, of which Io makes two orbits while Europa orbits Jupiter once. In addition, since Europa makes two orbits and Io four orbits in one orbit of Ganymede, these three moons are in orbital resonance with a ratio of orbital periods of 1:2:4. There is also a planetary system called K2-138 where all the planets orbiting the host star are in orbital resonance.

A research team led by Matthew Clement, a planetary scientist at the Carnegie Institute for Earth and Planetary Research, said in a paper published in the journal Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society in May 2022 that it was sufficiently powerful. He proposed that an ambitious alien civilization would be able to place the planets of the entire planetary system into resonant orbits in more complex proportions.

When the research team actually simulated, in a solar system type planetary system with 6 to 7 planets, `` prime numbers from 2 to 11 '', ``

Fibonacci sequences from 1 to 13 '', `` lazy caterer sequences from 1 to 16 ” ratio, it remains stable for at least 10 billion years.

According to the news media Inverse, which covered this research, objects in the natural world often fit in ratios such as '4: 3', '3: 2' and '2: 1'. These ratios are called 'first order resonances' among astronomers because they differ by one.

On the other hand, orbits with 'higher-order resonances' such as '7:1' and '13:1' are rarely seen in nature. In other words, if the planet had such an orbit, it is highly likely that an advanced extraterrestrial civilization intentionally arranged the planet.

Technically, it would take millions of years of mind-boggling time to get a planet into any given orbit, or it would require an enormous amount of energy to use up all the energy a star emits. . In other words, if it is a Kardashev scale type 2 civilization that can use all the stellar energy, it will be possible in a little over two years.

From this result, the research team concluded that 'prime numbers, Fibonacci sequences, and lazy caterer sequences have potential as beacons to be searched for in the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligent Life (SETI).'

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