Android smartphone "REGZA Phone T-01C" Movie Review

"REGZA Phone T-01CAbout the photo we sent you earlier, we will also deliver the review in the movie.

When I actually played back high-quality movies and one-segment broadcasting, I was able to display smooth and beautiful screens by taking over the high image quality technology of LCD TV "REGZA".

"REGZA Phone T - 01 C" Movie review of the actual machine from the following. "REGZA Phone T-01C" realizes the image quality improvement technology of Toshiba LCD TV "REGZA" by installing "Mobile REGZA engine 3.0". Therefore, you can watch 1seg and YouTube video comfortably. This demonstration movie is also played back fairly smoothly and in vibrant colors.

YouTube - Play high-quality movies on "REGZA Phone T-01C"

As with conventional handsets, you can watch One Seg. About 4 inches full-wide VGA (480 x 854) liquid crystal is carried, and the screen enters a large class in the smart phone, but it seems that it is because the antenna is upright Using the conventional type of mobile I feel close to being in a state.

YouTube - Watching live broadcast of the Diet crisply, I tried one seg with "REGZA Phone T - 01C"

The reaction on the home screen is relatively good, and you can slide it if you do.

YouTube - Slide to slide home screen of "REGZA Phone T-01C"

Enter with the QWERTY key displayed on the touch panel. Predictive transformation will come out quickly, so it seems to be able to enter quickly.

YouTube - Hitting a message with the QWERTY key on the touch panel: "REGZA Phone T-01C"

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