From the "Q-pot." Popular chocolate cell phone, this time, "SH-04C" that looks like a biscuit appeared

A delicious mobile phone "SH - 04B" with motif of chocolate boardAlthough it is also remembrance that it became popular enough to sold out immediately after the release, the same accessory brand as that "SH - 04B"Q-pot."As a second collaboration model, this time the bicycle-like mobile phone" SH-04C "was held today by NTT DoCoMo2010 Winter Spring Model PresentationIt was announced at. This time also full of sticking to details, it is the perfection degree of must-see girls who like cute things.

Photo review is from below.Docomo STYLE series SH-04C | Products | NTT DoCoMo

A fairy tale like a tea party venue in a picture book.

Two colors of "Milk" and "Choco". I make motifs for biscuits that I can eat at the moment.

It's designed like a crispy biscuit coated with shiny chocolate. Although it seems to think that wood is used for biscuit part, it finally became plastic to realize waterproofing. However, it is matte texture which seemingly does not seem to be plastic, considerably biscuits appear.

An original desktop holder like melting cream is also included.

It was opened. In addition to the Kisekae tool which changes standby screens and menus, original contents such as Decorative pictograms and melodies also express the world view of "Q-pot."

The display is about 3.2 inches (480 * 854) full wide VGA / NEW mobile ASV liquid crystal.

The sub display that displays the clock etc. is about 1.4 inch (128 * 64) organic EL.

The thickness when folded is about 17.9 mm. Weight is about 129 grams.

The reverse side is a monogram specification of the "Q-pot." Logo. Effective effects such as fisheye lens style and miniature style shooting allow you to capture playfully full pictures Equipped with a CCD camera with face recognition focus of about 9.6 million pixels effective.

The special postcard set like a box of cakes, the original postcard set is also included.

"SH - 04C" is limited to 15,000 each color, and it is scheduled to be released in December 2010.

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