Seven-Eleven's cash register becomes unusable and all domestic stores are closed in Denmark, suspected of cyber attack

At 7-Eleven in Denmark, a suspected cyberattack on the system responsible for payment at chain stores caused the cash registers to become unusable, resulting in the closure of all stores.

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7-Eleven stores in Denmark closed due to a cyberattack

The statement released by Seven-Eleven said, ``Unfortunately, there is a possibility that a cyber attack from a hacker occurred today, Monday, August 8, 2022. As a result, you cannot use the cash register or make payments. We will be closing the store until we know more.We hope to be able to reopen soon.' A screenshot of the statement shown by IT news site Bleeping Computer looks something like this.

On the social news site Reddit, a person who seems to be an employee commented on this matter, ``I work at a 7-Eleven in Stroeget , but the cash register doesn't work. So, all 7-Eleven stores in Denmark are now in a 'closed' state,' but the content has been deleted by the poster, and the poster's account has also been deleted. From the time of posting and the reaction in the comment section, you can see that this post was before it was reported as news.

7-eleven er under angreb fra en hacker : Denmark

Seven-Eleven has 176 stores in Denmark, many of which are located in major cities, train stations and airports and also issue tickets. However, according to the Danish National Railways, 90% of users use the official website, apps, and ticket vending machines at stations, so the impact of not being able to issue tickets at Seven-Eleven is small.

Details of what kind of attack it was and the outlook for business resumption are unknown at the time of writing the article.

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