Summary of pictograms included in Unicode 15.0 such as 'high five', 'pink heart', '((((; ゚ Д ゚)))'

Emojis that originated in Japan are widely used as 'Emoji' overseas, and are diversified into message apps and postings on SNS. In the standard '

Unicode ' that collects characters from all over the world and assigns character codes, multiple new pictograms are added for each version upgrade, and so far, original creations such as ' melting face ' and ' lamp demon ' have been added. Many typical pictograms have been added. Emojipedia , a new emoji database site, has released a sample image of emoji that will be added in Unicode 15.0, which is scheduled to be approved in September 2022. The sample image contains pictograms such as 'high five hands' and 'shivering face'.

New Emojis In 2022-2023

In the sample image released by Emojipedia, all 31 types of pictograms including different colors are lined up. The pictograms included in the sample image are as follows.

・ Shaking Face
・ Light Blue Heart
・ Gray Heart
・ Pink Heart
・ Rightwards Pushing Hand
・ Leftwards Pushing Hand
・ Moose
・ Donkey
・ Wing
・ Black Bird
・ Goose
・ Jellyfish
・ Hyacinth
・ Ginger
・ Pea Pod
・ Folding fan (Folding Hand Fan)
・ Kanzashi (Hair Pick)
・ Maracas
・ Flute
・ Sikh symbol 'Khanda' (Khanda)
・ Wireless

According to Emojipedia, there were a lot of calls for the implementation of 'Pink Heart'. Emojipedia also states that the 'right hand to push something' and 'left hand to push something' pictograms 'can also be used to represent high fives.'

In addition, Emojipedia mentions elk emoji. In Unicode, the code point is assigned to each character, but the code point of the elk is 'U + 1FACE', and the word 'FACE (face)' is accidentally included. For this reason, Emojipedia states, 'When each vendor implements an elk emoji, we want to pay attention to whether they only draw the face or include the body.'

Unicode 15.0, which includes the above 31 emojis, will be approved in September 2022. It will then be supported by Google in December 2022 and will be supported by major vendors such as Apple and Samsung after 2023.

In addition, Emojipedia is conducting a popularity vote for newly added emojis on the following pages for World Emoji Day on July 17, 2022.

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