People who sleep in the same bed as their partner report benefits such as 'long sleep' and 'less stress'

People may react to the sounds and vibrations of their surroundings even when they are sleeping, so many people may feel that they cannot sleep well when someone is sleeping next to them. However, a study conducted by a research team at the University of Arizona in the United States found that 'people who sleep in the same bed as their partner are more likely to say that they can sleep well rather than disturb their sleep.'

0010 Bed Sharing Versus Sleeping Alone Associated with Sleep Health and Mental Health | SLEEP | Oxford Academic

Sharing a Bed With Your Partner Could Have Unexpected Sleep Benefits, Study Finds

The research team investigated 1007 adults living in southeastern Pennsylvania, USA, how often they sleep in the same bed as their partners, children, other family members, pets, and so on. We also looked at items that evaluate sleep quality, such as the degree of insomnia, fatigue, risk of sleep apnea syndrome, sleep time, time to fall asleep, and awakening.

The analysis found that people who sleep in bed with their partners almost every day have less insomnia, less fatigue, and a lower risk of sleep apnea. In addition, while the sleep time was long, the time to fall asleep was short, and the frequency of awakening was low, so the overall quality of sleep tended to be high. In addition, these people also had lower scores for depression, anxiety, stress, etc. than those who slept alone.

While there were many benefits to sleeping in the same bed as the partner, we found that people who slept with their children had a greater degree of insomnia and were more stressed, not necessarily 'someone.' It has also been confirmed that 'sleeping with' does not bring benefits.

'Sleeping with a romantic partner or spouse reduces the risk of sleep apnea, insomnia and overall sleep quality,' said Brandon Fuentes, a psychiatrist at the University of Arizona, the lead author of the paper. It has been shown to have significant benefits to sleep health, including significant improvements. '

From the results of this study, it is unclear whether the improvement in sleep by sharing a bed with a partner is due to cosleeping or a good relationship with the partner. It's also possible that some of the items related to improving sleep quality are based on the subject's self-reports, so it's possible that he or she simply thinks so.

Even so, research is increasing to confirm the effects of sleeping together with couples through experiments. In a 2020 study of 12 couples, we collected data by polysomnography to measure brain waves, heart activity, motor status, muscle tension, etc. while lying down. As a result, it was confirmed that sleeping together as a couple has a higher rate of REM sleep than sleeping alone, improving the quality of sleep, and the sleep cycles of the two tend to be synchronized. I also understand.

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