It is important for health to think that "exercise"

While thinking about lack of exercise and exercising for health, you may worry that you do not spend time on exercise as you think. However, there is a research report that it is important for health to be as important as "exercise" as much as exercise.

BBC - Future - How your mindset weight your health

Octavia Zaute, who studies organization psychology at Stanford University, was once surrounded by colleagues who enthusiastically attended the gym when I entered the graduate school of the University of California. When I lived in London I was thinking that I was healthy because I was doing cycling and it was Mr. Zate who felt that I was not healthy suddenly when surrounded by colleagues in my new life in the United States That's right. Mr. Zaat, who has such experience, has decided to study how it affects health by feeling "I am not exercising than others".

Mr. Zate used the data of the past 21 years to examine how much each person exercised and how he thought about momentum compared with other people of the same age about a total of 61,000 people in a healthy state Over the period from death to death. Analyzing various factors that may have contributed to the health of the subjects showed that those who had experienced the same extent of exercise also felt that "I am under-exercise compared to others" as compared to others Also tend to die younger than people who thought they were exercisingDiscoveryDid. In other words, it turns out that whether you feel "exercising" or not has a big influence on your health.

Also, it was held in 2007the studyWe also know that by changing the perception of facts we can have a positive health impact. Dr. Aria Kram of Stanford University explained to employees who clean up or make a bed at the hotel that the work at the hotel corresponds to a moderately loaded exercise, Let me understand that it is an exercise for. Four weeks later, when I investigated the health of employees, I heard that the effect of reducing the weight of most people and lowering blood pressure was confirmed. In other words, it was found that correctly recognizing the momentum that I normally do without consciousness actually had a positive effect on my health.

These studies show that not only "the fact that it is exercising" but also "recognition that exercising" is effective for improving health. There are several reasons why recognition of exercise is important to health.

One is the effect of 'stress'. Those who understand that exercising for health is a good thing may feel stress by thinking that they are not exercising. Is not this stress adversely affecting health? It is considered as a cause.

The second reason is negative chains due to spiritual reasons.Research in 2015Then, it turns out that those who think "There is no exercise compared to others", the chances of exercising one year later will be further lower. In other words, thinking that you are not exercising is more likely to bring about exercise more and more.

The third reason is that,Placebo (placebo) effect. It is pointed out that the placebo effect that the disease is "bad" as it is said that it is healthy if it thinks it is healthy, and if it thinks that it is not healthy, it is actually not healthy.

From the above research, it seems to be said that it is important for those who want to effectively improve their health by exercise, it is important to recognize that "I am exercising". Also, by comparing with others, you should avoid being negative as to whether you are lacking exercise or not. BBC,UltramarathonIt is important to health that avoiding conversations about exercise with colleagues who participate in, and trying to appreciate the exercise you usually do is important for your health.

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