Obesity women tend not to have confidence in work, adverse effect on wages and employment rates

I found that women who can not be confident about their own body tend to have confidence in the formation of work and career. In addition, along with that, it is also becoming clear that the employment rate and salary of obese women's women are lower.

Worrying about her weight can blight a woman's career | Mail Online

According to a questionnaire conducted by Skin Care Cosmetic Manufacturer maker Dove by 445 women, one out of every five respondents said that their problems concerning their body affected their daily lives including work, etc. I heard he did.

One sixth of the women surveyed said that they felt the proportions of their own at the work site and could not behave confidently. Also, even though I answered, half of the women also answered that they felt very hard at work. Also, 15% of the women feel that they are being hindered by success by not having confidence in their appearance.

Linda Papadopoulos, a psychologist who investigated, said, "This result is not surprising at all - when you are worried about something, such as your own weight, that subject occupies much of your mind When a woman begins to care about the appearance, it turns out too much about how it is seen in the opposite sex and whether it is to the same sex.When this becomes so, it is natural that the work of the daily work and career I will comment on patterns that women are likely to fall into. "

This finding is consistent with recent research done in Iceland. Women who are generally said to be obese are found to have low employment rates and wages. On the other hand, I also know that even if the man is an obese figure, it did not have any negative impact on employment or wages.

Professor Edward Norton, who conducted the same kind of research at the University of Michigan in 2009, said, "This involves the structure of the Western society that touches the 'obese woman's woman' as if it would give a punishment I will think. "

According to a study conducted at the University of Florida, women who are overweight about 10 kg or more from the average body weight have resulted in poor earnings of 8600 pounds (about 10.9 million yen) than women of average weight.

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