I tried 'Caramel Corn / Salt Caramel Flavor' and 'Caramel Corn / Salt Vanilla Flavor' which makes the soft and light sweetness addictive.

' Caramel corn / salt caramel flavor ' and ' caramel corn / salt vanilla flavor ' have been added to Tohato's classic snack 'Caramel corn' series for a limited time from June 13, 2022. The new caramel corn, which is a soft, crispy caramel corn with a slightly salty taste of '

Geland's salt ' from Brittany, France, is characterized by its sweetness that enhances the sweetness of caramel and the flavor of vanilla. .. I actually tried it to enjoy the salty flavor that is perfect for summer.

New release of 'Caramel corn / salt caramel flavor' and 'Caramel corn / salt vanilla flavor' using 'Geland's salt' from Brittany, France-News release | Tohato

These are 'caramel corn / salt caramel flavor' and 'caramel corn / salt vanilla flavor'.

It was appealing that 'Gerande's salt' from Burgundy, France was used in the package of 'Caramel corn / salt caramel flavor'.

Ingredients are 'Corn Glitz (domestic production)' 'sugar' 'vegetable oil' 'margarine' 'sweetened milk' 'salt' 'caramel sauce' 'caramel paste / sorbitol' 'caramel pigment' 'fragrance' 'emulsifier' 'carotinoid pigment' 'is.

Calories are 402 kcal per 73 g of bag.

It looks like this when you take it out of the bag.

When I ate one, after the crispy texture of caramel corn, the coating on the surface melted on the tongue and the sweet and salty caramel taste spread in my mouth. Some sweets with the image of salted caramel are too salty to make you feel sick, but 'Caramel corn / salted caramel taste' has a soft and light taste peculiar to caramel corn and a slight aftertaste. Since the salty taste is compatible, the first caramel corn is unraveled in the mouth and at the same time it is finished as a habit that makes it easy to reach the next one.

Next, I will try 'caramel corn / salt vanilla flavor'.

If you look at the raw material column, you can see that it contains 'cream (dairy products)' and 'vanilla-flavored paste' that are not used in 'caramel corn / salt vanilla flavor'.

Calories are 401kcal per 73g bag.

If you look closely, there are black grains on the surface, but this is vanilla seed. When you try it, you can feel the mellow saltiness that enhances the flavor of vanilla. 'Caramel corn / salt vanilla flavor' has a gorgeous vanilla scent, but compared to 'caramel corn / salt caramel flavor', the overall seasoning is slightly modest, so you can taste the faint sweet and salty taste more directly. rice field.

'Caramel corn / salt caramel flavor' and 'caramel corn / salt vanilla flavor' have been available for purchase at retail stores such as supermarkets and convenience stores nationwide from June 13, 2022, and the reference retail price is Both are 132 yen including tax. It is also available on Amazon.co.jp, and the price at the time of writing the article was 2505 yen including tax for 12 bags.

Amazon | Tohato Caramel Corn Salt Caramel Flavor 73g x 12 | Tohato | Snacks Mail Order

Amazon | Tohato Caramel Corn Salt Vanilla Flavor 73g x 12 | Tohato | Snacks Mail Order

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