You can find a 'drawing textbook' made by Pablo Picasso for his beloved daughter

Pablo Picasso , one of the greatest artists of the 20th century, discovered 'a sketchbook used to teach his daughter how to paint and paint.' It was Picasso's granddaughter who discovered this sketchbook.

Found: the'how to draw' books Pablo Picasso created for his daughter | Pablo Picasso | The Guardian

When his eldest daughter, Maya Luis Picasso, was 5-7 years old, Picasso created a sketchbook filled with playful illustrations of animals, birds, clowns, acrobats, horses, doves, and more. The sketchbook is an 'impressive attempt to master how to draw' by Picasso for his daughter, the Guardian of foreign media wrote. In addition, it can be seen that Mr. Maya added the number '10' to the circus painting drawn by Picasso and scored the painting of the painter of the century.

In addition, Picasso drew two fascinating pictures of foxes trying to eat grapes based on the fairy tale ' Fox and grapes ' by the French poet Jean de la Fontaine, who was active in the 17th century. Maya painted one of them.

In addition, Picasso used a pencil to draw a 'simple and beautiful eagle' with a single stroke, telling his daughter his love for its shape and pure lines, The Guardian wrote.

The drawing textbook that Picasso made for his beloved daughter, which had not been released until now, seems to include origami that Picasso made for his daughter using the invitation letter of the exhibition. Picasso's granddaughter, Diana Widmeier Luis Picasso, accidentally found a textbook in her family's archives. When I showed this textbook to my mother, Maya, she immediately remembered that time, and Diana said, 'It was a very moving moment and I was very excited.'

Below is a bird origami that Picasso folded for Maya using an exhibition invitation.

Regarding the textbook he found, Diana said, 'Sometimes my mother and grandfather drew the same picture separately and taught my mother how to draw the picture correctly after it was completed. Also, the dog. Sometimes I draw hats and hats, but my grandfather uses the entire page of the sketchbook to draw one particular thing, and he also draws certain scenes, such as a circus scene. It's a very interesting content. '

According to Maya, there was a shortage of colored pencils and notebooks, especially during World War II, but the moment when I was painting in the kitchen with my father Picasso is the best memory. Looking back on those days, Maya says, 'This was the only warm place in the apartment.'

Diana is an art historian, curator and jewelry designer, and is also known as the author of a Picasso-themed book called ' Picasso sorcier .' Diana was planning an exhibition about the bond between Picasso and Maya at the Picasso Museum , but the textbook itself says that she 'discovered it by chance.'

The exhibition about Maya at the Picasso Museum is scheduled to be held until December 31, 2022. At the exhibition, in addition to Maya's portraits, personal belongings, and photographs, Picasso's drawing textbooks will also be on display.

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