Prototype of 'Google Pixel 7' appears in a major online shop and details of appearance are revealed

Google announced at an event held in May 2022 that

'Google Pixel 7' and 'Google Pixel 7 Pro' will be released in the fall of 2022. Both smartphones only revealed a part of the release date and appearance, but the smartphone that is said to be a prototype of Google Pixel 7 was exhibited on eBay, a major online shop, and the details of the appearance are known from the product image. ..

Google Pixel 7 Prototype --128GB --Stormy Black (Unlocked) --GGV6C 810029930536 | eBay

Below is a screenshot of the page where the prototype of Google Pixel 7 was sold. The product name is ' Google Pixel 7 Prototype --128GB --Stormy Black (Unlocked) --GUV6C ', and it is appealing that it is a prototype of the 128GB version of Google Pixel 7.

The product image posted on the sales page is below. The display area has rounded corners, and a pinhole camera is mounted on the top.

The back looks like this. The distinctive 'camera bar' that is placed across the body is inherited from the Pixel 6. Google Pixel 7 has three colors, 'Obsidian', 'Snow', and 'Lemongrass', but the exhibited aircraft is considered to be 'Obsidian' because the back is black.

A photo taken from a close distance on the back. The rear camera of another smartphone is reflected in the part surrounded by the red frame. If you look closely at the camera part of the smartphone that is reflected, the person who exhibited the prototype of Google Pixel 7 also has the prototype of Google Pixel 7 Pro because it

looks like the back of the already announced Google Pixel 7 Pro. You may be doing it.

There are two buttons on the right side, which seems to be a power button and a volume button.

USB Type C connector on the bottom.

Equipped with a SIM card slot on the left side.

There is no button on the top.

The state where the storage information is displayed. 128GB is stated in the storage capacity part.

When the overseas media The Verge contacted the seller, the seller said, 'I bought the prototype from a wholesaler' and 'I also got Google Pixel 7 Pro and it has already been sold.'

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