'Ancient Earth globe' where you can check what kind of dinosaurs lived near where you live

Dinosaurs prospered on Earth about 230-66 million years ago, but most of them died due to the mass extinction at the end of the Cretaceous, and only a few birds survived as descendants of dinosaurs. A function has been added to the ' Ancient Earth globe ' website, where you can learn about the appearance of the ancient earth, by entering a specific place name and knowing 'what kind of dinosaurs lived nearby in the past?'.

Ancient Earth globe

'Ancient Earth globe' is a website where you can see how the continents have changed in the long history of the earth, changing by age. The basic usage is explained in the following past articles.

Site 'Ancient Earth globe' where you can see the appearance of the earth changed by age

If you access the 'Ancient Earth globe' website immediately, you will see a page with the earth 240 million years ago floating in the center as shown below. At that time, the collision of multiple continents formed a supercontinent called the Pangea continent , which looks completely different from what it is now.

It's easy to use, just enter the place name you want to know 'what kind of dinosaurs lived around?' In the input form on the upper left. When I entered 'Tokyo' as a trial, the candidate place names were displayed in a row.

When you enter the place name and press the enter key ...

'Near by fossils: Mosasaurus, Tambatitanis, Fukuiraptor, Fukuisaurus, Koshisaurus (Nearby fossils: Mosasaurus , Tambatitanis , Fukuiraptor , Fukuisaurus , Koshisaurus )' is displayed below the input form, which corresponds to the present Tokyo on the old earth. The point is indicated by a red pin.

If you click on the 'Mosasaurus' part that is displayed as a trial ...

The dinosaur database '

Dinosaur Pictures and Facts ' has opened a page explaining Mosasaurus. Where the fossils of Mosasaurus have been found ...

You can see the imaginary map of Mosasaurus.

When I searched for other place names, the same results as in Tokyo were shown for 'Osaka' and 'Nagoya', but for 'Sendai', '

Nemegtosaurus ' and 'Futabasaurus' were shown. ( Futabasaurus ), Plesiosaurus ( Plesiosaurus ) 'in a different face.

'Sapporo' means '

Elasmosaurus ' and 'Mosasaurus'.

When 'Fukuoka' is selected, dinosaur names such as '

Wakinosaurus , Allosaurus , Koreanosaurus ' are displayed.

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