With the announcement of 'Kingdom Hearts 4', it was talked about that the identity of the main character, Sora, 'too big shoes' has finally become ordinary shoes.

On April 10, 2022, a trailer commemorating the 20th anniversary of

Kingdom Hearts was released, in which ' Kingdom Hearts 4 ' was announced. In the Kingdom Hearts series, which celebrated its 20th anniversary, it is talked about that the huge shoes of the main character, Sora, have finally become a normal size.

Kingdom Hearts 4 Trailer Ditches Sora's Big Clown-Sized Shoes

You can watch the 20th anniversary trailer of Kingdom Hearts where the announcement movie of 'Kingdom Hearts 4' was played from the following. Several Kingdom Hearts related titles have been announced in the trailer, and the announcement about Kingdom Hearts 4 will start from around 4 minutes 5 seconds of the movie.

KINGDOM HEARTS 20th Announcement Trailer-YouTube


'If you despair that it wasn't the end you wanted'

'You just have to leave the other world'

'The choices should be endless.'

'The heart dwells in the soul, and the soul is guided to where it should be by fate.'

The scene changes, and the world is overgrown with greenery. It

is rumored that this scene is the planet Endor that appears in Star Wars .

The shadows in this scene are said to belong to

AT-ST Walker .

'The choice is left to you again'

The main character, Sora, appears here.

Sora gets up with a chime.

A mysterious girl visited under Sora.

'You came to this world and slept for seven days.'

'Here is Quad Ratum'

'Although it is the world of the living'

A girl who says, 'For us, it's a world of death.' Apparently the girl is a resident of the same world as Sora.

A mysterious shadow that suddenly appears.

It was a familiar heartless series.

A shadow against the waves of citizens running away from the heartless.

Naturally it is Sora.

With the key blade in your hand ...

Confront the giant heartless.

Sora wants to acrobatic utility poles like parkour ...

Extend the chain from the key blade and approach the heartless.

Climb up the wall of the building ...


Sora slides down the building.

The mark of the crown appears ...

Clash with Heartless.

A huge drill appears ...

I pierced the heartless.

The action part is over, and Sora heads for Heartless again.


Along with the line 'I think you can return to the original world once you leave', a figure wearing a black coat that seems to be a member of the Organization XIII appears.

'Kingdom Hearts 4'

At the end of the movie, the familiar Donald & Goofy duo also appeared.

'Where are you?'

'I hope I can find a clue,' he said, and apparently he is looking for something.

Suddenly a blue flame lights up ...

'Hey', a mysterious voice stops them.

'Where are you going?'

The two look back and hug each other out of fear, but their identity remains unknown.

In the latest video, Sora of Kingdom Hearts 4 is wearing normal size shoes ...

In the series from the first Kingdom Hearts to Kingdom Hearts 3, the main character Sora wore the following huge shoes for 20 years.

Therefore, some users are screaming, 'Sora is wearing ordinary shoes!' Twitter user @aitaikimochi tweeted, 'The crazy part of the Kingdom Hearts 4 trailer is ... Sora is wearing regular shoes !!!'

Another user tweeted, 'You came to my house on the weekend and put on Sora of Kingdom Hearts 4 in normal size shoes. It's rude to me and my family like this.'

Yet another user tweeted, 'Don't say you guys about crown shoes anymore,' telling Sora's shoes that they look normal.

Kotaku, an overseas game media, said, 'Many people are sad or upset when they see Sora's big shoes disappear, but some are excited that Sora has finally put on practical shoes. 'Masu' 'Given that Sora wore shoes that looked big and stupid, the new Sora look would make cosplay easier.'

'Giving Sora regular-sized shoes and feet is the most messed up thing in the last 20 years,' said Chris Parson of Highlight Reel , a gaming YouTube channel. 'Where are the developers Sora's big shoes?' I need to explain exactly if I went. I went to the world of shoes and all the shoes are emo and a little sad. '

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