A trailer of a live-action version of 'Sonic the Movie', which was redesigned because Sonic's design was too unpopular, how did you react to the new design?

`` Sonic the Movie '', which is a Hollywood movie by

Paramount Pictures , Sonic the Hedgehog , a popular character of Sega, was originally scheduled to be released in November 2019, but a trailer will be released Soon , criticism of Sonic's design was gathered , and eventually the director, Jeff Fowler, promised to change the design . The latest trailer of the movie “Sonic the Movie” has been released, where you can enjoy the success of Sonic, a new design reborn after such twists and turns.

Sonic The Hedgehog (2020)-New Official Trailer-Paramount Pictures-YouTube

An area that seems to be easy to run, with some greenery and checkered ground spreading somewhere.

It seems to start running at the beginning of crouching ...

The main character, Sonic the Hedgehog.

Sonic running at super speed.

From a golden ring ...

I have warped somewhere else.

I came to a quiet residential area.

While reading American comics here ...

Sonic trains in a drum cleaner.

I wonder if I started playing table tennis with someone ...

Move at super speed ……

Hit the ping-pong ball.

Taking advantage of this speed, Sonic keeps rallying alone.

I will also challenge Nunchaku ...

It ’s a failure.

The next challenge is ...


Sonic as well as the pitcher.

Sonic is also in charge of the bench coach that signs the pitcher.

Give off a brilliant hit.

Sonic begins to run.

Do not you know the rules, round and round around continue to Sonic from the home base and first base second base third base.

If the Sonic super power reacts to something, the light shorts ...

A major power outage occurred in the North American continent.

Sonic doesn't know what happened.

Among the power outage commotion that caused Sonic, somewhere in the secret society organizations were not detect the abnormality.

The scene changes, James Marsden plays Tom have a gun you came into the house. Apparently he came to look into the house looking at the suspicious person.

Sonic was there.

The meeting of the two begins with a scream.

What came there was a mysterious organization that used a myriad of drones to search for Sonic.

Dr. Robotonic, who plays Jim Carrey, came down from the huge black truck. This robotic doctor has the dominance of the world using the power of Sonic.

At first, Sonic was hiding in the shadows and trying to do Dr. Robototic ...

It appears unexpectedly.

Dr. Robotonic screams in the mysterious creatures he sees for the first time.

At that time Tom beat Dr. Robotonic and two people started to escape.

However, Sonic seems to be floating somewhere in the first car.

If you find a mysterious sign 'RUBBERBAND BALL' along the way ...

The movie is drawn quite comically overall, such as getting instantly with its super-fast legs.

Dr. Robotic is excited about a creature called Sonic with a mysterious super power. It will attract the audience with a strange dance.

Tom and Sonic's flight is a disgusting disguise ...

It will be flashy with high speed action by Sonic.

To see how Sonic's high-speed battle, which is chased by a mysterious robot, is expressed, I want you to play the movie and check it with a video.

There is also a service scene (?) By Sonic.

There is also a scene where you can feel the bond between Tom and Sonic.

An action scene with a huge robot on which Dr. Robotonic gets on.

The battle stage is the Egyptian pyramid ...

It extends all over the world, including the Great Wall of China.

When Sonic throws a golden ring ...

The ring becomes huge. The pyramid is visible in the back, so you can warp at once.

The newly released Sonic of the new design is on the Internet: “To be honest, the old Sonic design is terrible, but there is no such thing in the new design. We all have nightmares all at once. It ’s like Taka ”

“I have to say that I love the expressive Sonic that appears in the trailer of Sonic the Movie.”

“It is the best that the logo design of the game is adopted in the head bang which Sonic does”

Tweets such as “Sonic has officially become my dear now!” Have been received, and it seems to be well received.

In addition, Sega's official Twitter account has also released a trailer where the renewed Sonic's activity can be seen, and the fans are rushing to hear that “I am happy to become a cute Sonic”.

“Sonic the Movie” will be released on Friday, March 27, 2020 in Japan.

Yuji Naka, the creator of the Sonic series, also wants to visualize past designs ...

He commented that the part where Sonic's eyes are not connected feels strange.

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