The live-action movie version 'Sonic the Movie''s Tizers Poster is released, the body that is too muscular gathers attention

A Tizor poster of Hollywood live-action film " Sonic the Movie " that features SEGA's popular game character Sonic the Hedgehog was released.

The Sonic movie poster reveals a swole hedgehog Sega fans will not recognize - Quartzy

"Sonic the movie" scheduled to be released in November 2019 is in charge of production by Paramount Pictures Corporation . Tizer poster that understands what kind of blue hedgehog · sonic's race through supersonic it will be will be released in movie format.

The blue line stretches ...

A familiar golden ring appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog series, and when the blue light passes through the ring, that unique sound that is used to listening with the game "Charing" sounds.

When I thought I was in the distance, I moved fast to the front of the screen in a moment.

That 's why this is a published poster. Although the appearance of Sonic is not clear, the silhouette is quite close to humans except for the head. Quartzy of overseas media wrote, "There is no fun and lovely sonic that the fans are accustomed to, but rather he has become an obesity malformation."

Actor Ben Schwarz is in charge of Sonic's voice at "Sonic the Movie". It is James Marsden who plays the protagonist police officer Tom Wachowski. And in the Sonic series it is Jim Carrey who plays the familiar villain Dr. Eggman.

The production team of "Sonic the Movie" tries to express "more realistic sonic" to put Sonic into live-action movies, and said that the hint was the movie " Ted " . Tim Miller, who is the director of the movie " Deadpool ", and executive producer at "Sonic the Movie", expresses Sonic's skin like animal fur so as to blend Sonic into the real world without discomfort. I reveal that I did. Miller says, "We never thought" do something strange. "Fur is meant to make sonic into the real world and make it a real creature."

Even Pokemon 's first live - action movie' Detective Pikachu ', the controversy was called on the Internet because the existence of Pikachu and pudding covered with Mifumofu' s hair was "different from what I was imagining!" Quartzy does not seem to like the squirrel hair of Sonic and Pokemon, "Although it may seem like a true creature than the original ones due to the fluffy hair, I lost a lot of emotion and charm in that process It is pointed out. In addition, " Paddington 2 " and " I became an adult with Pooh " are cited as examples in which live-action photography, animation and cartoon characters are fused well.

The reaction on the Internet for "Detective Pikachu" is summarized below, there are certain numbers of voices that certainly can not be convinced of the design of Pokemon wrapped in the hair of Mifumo.

Reaction on the Internet to Pokemon's first live-action movie "Detective Pikachu" - GIGAZINE

However, in the case of "Sonic the Movie", it seems that "Mofumofu Sonic" is not attracting attention. There are many tweets pointing out that the body is a macho character design, although the head is Sonic, "on the SNS" after the tizza poster is released, "What is that muscular body ...!?" I will.

Sonic of "Sonic the movie" pointed out that it looks like a man who found Sonic's head in the town.

"I made realistic sonic with a joke, but there is no such thing as Sonic the Movie truly realizes that ...."

Comparison of conventional design and movie version design

"Paramount retards the release of the movie and corrects Sonic's design, look at the fan-made poster (left)!"

Illustration that, when imagined from a poster, it became like this.

A voice from Japanese fans saying "Is it not this?"

The voice saying "Pikachu is good but Sonic is out" ... ...

Impatiently fastball comments too.

According to Sega's official Twitter account, "Sonic the Movie" will be released soon.

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