Crazy and cute villain Harley Quinn's main movie `` BIRDS OF PREY '' trailer released

The latest trailer of the spin-off movie ' BIRDS OF PREY ' featuring the crazy and cute villain Harley Quinn, who gained popularity in the movie '

Suicide Squad ' has been released. Following Suicide Squad, Hurley Quinn will be playing at Margot Lobby , and there will be several other sexy and dangerous female characters.

BIRDS OF PREY-Official Trailer 1-YouTube

Start with a scene where Harley Quinn talks to someone.

'Do you know what Harley Quinn is?'

“The role of Harley Quinn is to serve”

“It ’s okay if you do n’t have a master. I do n’t care who you are. We ’re beyond that.”

Cut the long tail with a pair of scissors.

“Joker and I broke up because I wanted a new start, but I realized I was not the only woman in Gotham City.”

A black canary played by Journey Smolet-Belle appeared ...

Huntless played by Mary Elizabeth Winstead. Both images are strong women fighting.

And crazy Harley Quinn.

A man in a white suit tells the three people who have been hung up, 'It's wonderful news!' The man says “Quinn is mine” and looks for Harley Quinn.

On the other hand, Harley Quinn was playing with a dog.

'Who are you guys?'

Harley Quinn and a mysterious girl who are shot without knowing.

Harley Quinn surrounded by men with guns. The man's voice says, “This is a deal, Quinn”.

“You need me!” Shouts a mysterious man who plays Ewan McGregor.

Hurley Quinn laughs against it.

The scene suddenly changes ...

It looks like a singer.

From left: Criminal Lenny Montoya played by Rosie Perez, Huntless, mysterious girl Cassandra Kane, Harley Quinn, and Black Canary played by Ella Jay Basco. Hurley Quinn asks for cooperation, but returns 'I'm gonna join you? Is that a joke?'

Other mysterious upside down men ...

Harley Quinn has a serious expression.

It seems to sing a song.

Car action available.

There is shopping.

From jumping ...

There is also a scene that seems to be a villain who jumps on both knees.

“It ’s not fun to cooperate? It ’s like staying at a friend ’s house! Yes, I ’ll have to order a pizza!” Haruki Quinn, who ’s just a woman.

Ring the bell ...

Raid the guards.

Somehow crying.

A flashy scene that does not lose to colorful Harley Quinn continues.

'Not you'

'You are not Mr. J'

'Because I'm Harley Flickin Quinn!'

There are also plenty of brilliant action scenes.


The movie is attracting attention not only for trailers but also for posters with a pop color scheme.

“BIRDS OF PREY” will be released on February 7, 2020.

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