It was discovered that the behavior when the original tweet is deleted by embedding the Twitter page changes and it becomes 'blank'

Tweets that exist on Twitter can be embedded on the website using the embed code. However, when the original tweet is deleted, the content of the original tweet was displayed in text format so far, but the specification has been changed and only 'blank' is displayed.

Twitter Edits You

Twitter change leaves huge gaps in websites --The Verge

Tweets that exist on Twitter can be embedded on the website as follows.

The embed code is as follows.

[/ code]

The embed code 'widgets.js' script searches for the blockquote tag and replaces 'class =' twitter-tweet '' with a Twitter-specific iframe to display it like a real tweet.

Without these scripts, your tweet would look like this:

we are working on an edit button

— Twitter (@Twitter) April 1, 2022

Until recently, if the original tweet was deleted or the tweeter's account was deleted, Twitter left the blockquote tag as it was, so it was displayed in the same way as 'Tweet without script' above. ..

In response to the question 'How will the embedded tweet be displayed if the tweet is deleted?', Ben Ward, who created the Twitter embed code, said, 'The embed code is a blockquote tag that contains the content of the tweet. If the original tweet is deleted, the text will remain even after 1000 years. '

Then, on Twitter's developer platform, the question 'What happens if the original tweet is deleted?' Is asked, 'Twitter widget JavaScript is fully rendered when the tweet no longer exists on Twitter. I don't see the tweets I've received. Alternate citations containing tweet information are displayed on the page. '

However, in reality, when the original tweet is deleted, alternative information is not displayed in the embedded tweet part, only a blank tweet with no poster or content is displayed.

As Mr. Ward said, the embed code was designed so that the text remains so that the content of the tweet can be understood even if the original tweet is deleted. However, due to Twitter's change in specifications, the original tweet is no longer displayed.

When Kevin Marks contacted Twitter about the change, Twitter's Eleanor Harding said, 'The reason we changed the specification is to more respect people's choice to delete tweets.' I'm tweeting.

In response, Marks said, 'Specification changes related to embedded tweets are like tampering with public records. Once the original tweet is deleted, news articles that use embedded tweets will be full of inconsistent holes. It will be, 'he points out, and raises questions about how to handle tweets when the original tweet is deleted.

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