What is the 'Healthy Emulator Casebook Wiki' that collects hints for living properly without going beyond common sense in a complicated world?

If you act out of the ordinary or cannot read the air, you will be dismissed as an 'abnormal person' in a social group. However, the world is complicated, and it is difficult to judge what is common sense and what is correct behavior. The ' Healthy Person Emulator Casebook Wiki ' is a compilation of such 'common sense behaviors of the general public' as an experience-based casebook. It is common sense to take what kind of action in what case, and what kind of action is insane, with actual experience.

Healthy person emulator casebook Wiki


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According to the author's site , we must pretend to be healthy people (emulate) so that they are not excluded as 'abnormal people' from common sense social groups, and what is needed there is 'healthy people'. 'Emulator'. There is a 'certain situation', and by learning 'what kind of behavior would a common sense person take?' Individually and concretely, even a person with insane nature can 'common sense'. It is possible to 'pretend to be a common sense'.

In order to learn a specific situation and the actions that should or should not be taken, it is necessary to learn 'common sense' and 'insane' by assuming every case. The 'Healthy Emulator Casebook Wiki' was built for that purpose. Anyone can freely create pages and edit pages in the casebook Wiki, and he wants an 'aggregate' to complete the emulator.

On the top page of the Wiki, there are '10 selections' picked up based on the number of weekly viewers and 'good articles' picked up by the administrator from articles not listed in the 10 selections. First of all, if you click 'Round up the

conversation ' that was listed in the ten selections at the time of writing the article ...

Moves to an individual page. Basically, each case is written in the so-called '5W1H' format of 'who, where, when, what, why, how', and then the details of each case are captured. Many pages are written in 5W1H format, but this is just a template for easy writing and learning, and you can change it freely when writing.

In the case of 'cutting up the conversation', he insisted on the merit of ending the conversation without forcibly continuing the conversation when the conversation was not so exciting, and more specifically, 'when should the conversation be cut off' and '. What kind of words should I use to break the conversation? '

Also, if you click '

Don't leave the web browser tab closed ' ...

It is the same 5W1H format, but here 'failure example' was written. You can learn in what cases and what actions you take to fail, that is, to become an 'abnormal person'.

From the 'Article List' in the menu on the left side of the top page, you can learn examples for each tag such as 'romance' and 'school'. In addition, cases are mainly divided into either 'what you should do' or 'what you should not do', and by learning the cases correctly, you will continue to take 'correct actions' in the light of common sense. Should be possible.

You can also see all the pages in the Wiki from the 'Page List' menu.

If you want to keep up with the latest updates of the 'Healthy Emulator Casebook Wiki', you can check it from the

update notification bot .

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