Apple cuts production of 3rd generation iPhone SE in just a few weeks after launch

Apple launched the 3rd generation iPhone SE on March 18, 2022. Due to the unexpectedly low demand for this 3rd generation iPhone SE, 'Apple is reducing the production of iPhone SE,' reports Nikkei Asia, the international edition of the Nihon Keizai Shimbun.

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Apple reportedly informed its suppliers to cut production of its third-generation iPhone SE this quarter by 20% (2-3 million units) from its original plan because of 'less than expected demand.' pattern. Nikkei Asia cites the impact of 'lockdown due to the new coronavirus in China and inflation due to the Ukrainian crisis' as the reason for the decrease in demand for the 3rd generation iPhone SE.

Minchi Kuo, who is very popular as an Apple-related analyst, also revealed that the shipment forecast of the 3rd generation iPhone SE in 2022 has been revised downward from 25 to 30 million units to 15 to 20 million units. , The fact that the demand for the 3rd generation iPhone SE is unexpectedly low is in line with the Nikkei Asia report.

As a testimony from analysts, Reuters said, 'Even though the terminal design of the 3rd generation iPhone SE has not changed, the price has to be raised by $ 30 (about 3700 yen) from the 2nd generation iPhone SE. I'm facing it. ' Eddie Han, an analyst at Taiwanese research firm Isaiah Research, also said, 'The 3rd generation iPhone SE is a terminal very similar to the 2nd generation iPhone SE, which can be called a renewal version of the iPhone 8, and consumers. It is unlikely to stimulate demand for the iPhone. '

Apart from this, Apple is also reducing production of the iPhone 13 series at the same time. Sources say the iPhone 13 series' production cuts are due to seasonal changes in demand.

In addition, Apple seems to have reduced the production of AirPods by more than 10 million units, but details on which model was reduced have not been disclosed.

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