Ukraine's Google Maps banned from editing due to suspicion that it is being used for Russian airstrikes

by Andrey Korchagin

In response to the report that 'the newly added label on Google Maps is used for the air bombing of Russia', Google deleted the newly applied label by a user in the land of Belarus, Ukraine on March 2, 2022. It was reported that it was doing.

Google Maps Pauses Edits After Claims Ukraine Tags Used For Russian Strikes

Google's new measures like this were triggered by a report from a user that 'Russia is using Google Maps to mark airstrike points.' According to these users, the mysterious labels 'ФЕРМЕРСЬКЕ ГОСПОДАРСТВО' meaning 'agriculture' and 'СІЛЬСКЕ ГОСПОДАРСТВО' meaning 'farm' have been added to government facilities and gas stations in Ukraine. That.

Below is the actual screenshot. The Consul General of Poland is labeled 'ФЕРМЕРСЬКЕ ГОСПОДАРСТВО' which means farm.

Please, delete all new places since the start of war 23th of february, save Ukrainian civilians from --Google Maps Community 23th-of-february-save-ukrainian-civilians-from?hl=en

A report from another user shows that similar labels are attached to multiple locations in the city of Lviv in western Ukraine.

terrorists use Google maps tags to adjust the fires !! Please help! --Google Maps Community help help

These users claim that these mysterious labels are 'pasted by Russian troops at the destination of the airstrikes,' but some labels were added more than a year before Russia's invasion of Ukraine began. Therefore, the truth of this claim is unknown. However, as these reports received so much attention, Google suspended editing from users in the land of Belarus, Ukraine, and said that it 'has been meticulously removed' of the suspicious label mentioned above. That.

Google has already stopped displaying traffic information in Ukraine after being pointed out that 'Russia is using Google Maps to monitor the movement of the Ukrainian side'.

Google temporarily stops displaying traffic information on Google Maps to protect the general public in Ukraine --GIGAZINE

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