Accusation that popular YouTuber got 57 million yen worth by price fixing of virtual currency involving fans

In 2017, the distributor Ice Poseidon, Paul Denino, who received a permanent suspension from the game live distribution platform Twitch and moved the activity to YouTube at the time of article creation, involved his fans and manipulated the price of virtual currency It is regarded as a problem because it earned about 500,000 dollars (about 57 million yen).

Ice Poseidon Steals $ 500,000 From Fans In Crypto Scam

Denino became famous for the live performance of the MMORPG 'Old School RuneScape ' around 2015, and when the non-game distribution was lifted on Twitch in 2016, Denino will switch to the style of outdoor distribution. However, by disclosing the phone number in his distribution, Denino was told by Twitch to ban live distribution. In addition, Mr. Denino, who had a lot of problematic behavior, was glared at by Twitch management.

And in 2017, an incident occurred in which a hoax bomb threat was given by a viewer who named himself Denino on the plane on which Mr. Denino was boarding. The hoax bomb threat is said to have been caused by Denino and the viewer, and Twitch has punished Denino for a permanent BAN. Since this incident, Denino has shifted the focus of his activities to YouTube, and at the time of writing the article, he has become a popular YouTuber with more than 740,000 registered users.

Denino is accused of YouTuber Coffeezilla, who claims to be a 'fraud-specialized internet detective.' 'Denino offered his fans to invest in a new cryptocurrency, and fans bought it. Immediately, Denino sold all his cryptocurrencies. '

According to Coffeezilla, Denino sold his cryptocurrency all at once, causing the value of the cryptocurrency to plummet and causing huge losses to fans who were offered to invest. The act of encouraging others to buy cryptocurrencies, deliberately raising the price, and then selling out to make a profit is considered an act called 'pump and dump'.

Coffezilla says Denino's fans have invested a total of about $ 500,000 in cryptocurrencies. On the other hand, Mr. Denino got a profit of 300,000 dollars (about 34 million yen) by selling virtual currency, and paid 200,000 dollars (about 23 million yen) to the developer of CxCoin at the beginning. It's possible that he was a CxCoin developer and a guru. In addition, with this profit, Denino is buying a Tesla car and broadcasting on YouTube how he actually drives it.

When Coffeezilla pursued Denino about this pumping and dumping act, Denino said, 'Fans also have a part of responsibility. They became too emotional.' .. 'If you want to give money back to your fans, you should be able to,' Denino said. 'I can return money. I have the authority, but think about myself.' I won't do that. '

In addition, Denino said about this case, 'I do not do anything like'stolen'or'scammed'. I earned $ 300,000, which is a fan and investor. It is not based on the sacrifice of. '

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