The live-action drama video of Microsoft's popular FPS 'Halo' is finally released

The 'Halo ' series released by Microsoft as an FPS for Xbox will be made into a live-action drama with the streaming service ' Paramount +'. The latest video of this live-action drama version of Halo has been released.

First Full Trailer For Halo's Paramount Plus TV Series Drops

You can check the latest video of the live-action drama version of Halo from the following.

A citadel-like city nestled in the wilderness

In this city ...

A fierce battle was fought.

Citizens running away

One shadow that appeared there

The machine gun will wipe out the armed groups.

It was the Master Chief, the main character of Halo, who saved the city.

The scene changes, and soldiers wearing armor similar to the Master Chief also appear.

A glimpse of military facilities with clearly different technical levels from the opening scene.

In yet another scene, the covenant appears. Covenants are enemies and aliens that appear in works up to '

Halo: Reach ' developed by Bungie.

Warthog also appeared

Action Morimori


From an FPS-like perspective, dodge the oncoming covenant attacks ...

Master Chief tossing a giant covenant.

And standing up.

A mysterious object found in the ruins.

When you touch this ...

The entire ruins emit light. It seems that the mystery of this object holds the key to the story.

'Hello Master Chief. I'm Cortana,' said Cortana, an artificial intelligence that is also the source of the Windows voice recognition system.

Battle with the fierce covenant

And the mystery that is gradually unraveled

Is it possible to overcome the oncoming threat?


The live-action drama version of Halo is scheduled to start distribution on March 24, 2022.

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