Image file size compression & format conversion to JPEG / PNG / WEBP / AVIF / JXL & 'Compress Images' that can be used offline

WebUtils ' Compress Images is a web tool that allows you to compress image files while protecting your privacy. The file size can be compressed while converting the image file to an image file format such as JPEG / PNG / WebP / AVIF / JPEG XL , and even though it is a web tool, the image is not sent from the browser to the server, so it can be used offline. , There is no need to worry about image data being intercepted or stolen.

Compress Images --An Online tool to compress / convert images

Compress Images is easy to use, access the URL above and click on the area labeled 'Drag n drop images here, or click to select' in the center of the screen. Chrome, Firefox, Edge did not support image selection by drag and drop.

Select the image you want to compress and click 'Open'. Even if the file name is Japanese, the image can be compressed without any problem.

Click 'JPEG' to change the image file format, and click 'Advanced Settings' to change the 'Quality' and 'Size' of the output image. It is possible to reduce the file size at the cost of lowering the image quality by lowering the quality and size. Click 'Convert' when the settings are decided.

Then, '-45.05%' is displayed, which indicates how much the image size could be compressed. Click 'Download' to download.

So when I checked the downloaded image, I succeeded in compressing the image file, which was originally 103KB, to 56.9KB.

In addition, 'Compress Images' does not upload the image file to the server and convert it, but it compresses the image on the browser, so even if the PC is not connected to the network, it can be compressed as long as the page is open.

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