"TinyPNG" which reduces file size by compressing up to 70% of PNG files for free

Just by dragging and dropping a PNG file onto the browser, it is possible to compress the image up to 70%TinyPNG"is. The file size can be reduced without almost degrading the quality of the image, the reading speed is increased for the viewer, and for the server side, the transfer amount is reduced so that the result with less load can be produced.

TinyPNG - Compress PNG images while preserving transparency

The feature of this service is that it achieves a compression rate higher than usual by performing "irreversible processing" on the PNG file, and it corresponds to transparent PNG (alpha channel). This time, I will process the following two files and I would like to see how much compression is possible.

Firefox 24 logo: 549 KB

Folder icon: 52 KB

It is very easy to use, simply access the above website and drag and drop files into the area labeled "Drop your .png files here!" Up to 20 files can be processed at a time, and up to 3 MB per file can be uploaded.

When the process is over, the current compression ratio is displayed and a link for downloading the processed file is displayed, so click on it.

The processed file is here.

Firefox 24 logo: 232 KB (Click the thumbnail image below to display the actual file)

Folder icon: 13 KB (Click the thumbnail image below to display the actual file)

The Firefox logo was actually compressed by 58% from 549 KB to 232 KB, and the icon image of the folder was actually compressed by 75% from 52 KB to 13 KB. If you compare it often, there are some differences in neutral color representation because it is irreversible, not reversible, but in practical cases there are few problems in case there are many cases, so it should be useful if you remember.

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