A scene that causes a heart attack on a fitness bike appears in the drama, and although the manufacturer appeals for safety with the same actor, it will be used again as a heart attack machine

The fitness bike of Peloton , a major exercise equipment manufacturer in the United States, was used for the death scene of the drama character, and Peloton appointed the actor who played the character as a CM to restore the image, but the product is again in another drama There was a case where it was used for a parody

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The death scene in question was depicted in the drama ' And Just Like That ... ' which started on December 9, 2021. At the end of the first episode, Carrie Bradshaw's husband, Mr. Big, John James Preston, dies of a heart attack shortly after exercising on a Peloton fitness bike. This drama is the first sequel to the love comedy drama 'Sex and the City ', which started broadcasting in 1998 and prevailed in 1998, and it is the first new work in 11 years including the movie. As expected, many fans expressed anger at the sudden death of a familiar character.

In the play, the name 'Peloton' did not appear because it was only called 'that bike', but the stock price of the company fell by about 11% on the day of the broadcast of this episode. Peloton, who had an advertising contract with the producer, also issued a statement about the scene. A Peloton spokeswoman said that the company's instructor, Jess King , would appear in the drama as a Peloton instructor and that a fitness bike would be used, but due to confidentiality, the script was specific. Claimed not to be informed.

Suzanne Steinbaum, who belongs to the company's Health & Wellness Advisory Committee as a preventive heart specialist, professed to be a fan of the film and said, 'Mr. Big enjoys cocktails and cigars on a daily basis. There was a scene of having heart disease even in the season. This lifestyle was the cause of death, and fitness bikes may have helped to delay death rather. '' Death from heart disease 80% of it can be prevented by such as by changing the lifestyle, fitness bike of Peloton that can measure the heart rate and can be safely used for prevention, ' he said .

And Peloton hastily created a commercial featuring Chris Noth, who played Mr. Big. The commercial starts with Mr. North sitting in front of the fireplace with Mr. King mentioned above and chatting with Peloton's fitness bike in the background. 'And Just Like That,' cycling promotes blood circulation and reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease, after Chris said, 'It's a new beginning. Let's take another ride.' Is alive. '

However, despite this image recovery, Peloton's fitness bike will be used in another drama. The work in question is the drama series ' Billions, ' which depicts the legal world, in an episode aired in January 2022, in which one of the characters was measuring heart rate in real time while using a Peloton fitness bike. A medical expert tells you that you have a heart attack and can stop using it. This time the character did not die, and after returning to the office, he triumphantly said, 'I will not die like Mr. Big!'

Although Peloton's sales increased significantly due to the demand for nesting due to the new coronavirus infection (COVID-19), it was reported that the production volume was forced to decrease due to the calm demand, and the product price was reduced and marketing began to be serious. I am. However, it is reported that the recall problem due to the occurrence of a fatal accident, the image down mentioned above, and the contract termination due to the sexual violence problem of Mr. North came to light, have been severely hit.

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