What is the phantom mobile OS 'Andromeda OS' that Microsoft gave up?

Windows Central, which reports Microsoft-related news, has released how the 'Andromeda OS ', which was developed by Microsoft as an OS for mobile terminals such as smartphones but ended without being finally released, works.

This is Microsoft's canceled Andromeda OS running on a Lumia 950 | Windows Central


Microsoft announced the 'Surface Duo ', a foldable two-screen mobile terminal developed independently in 2020, and in 2021, the successor model ' Surface Duo 2 ' will also appear. This Surface Duo series is an Android terminal, but at the development stage it was planned to be equipped with Microsoft's original 'Andromeda OS'.

Andromeda OS is a mobile OS that Microsoft was developing for Surface Duo, and the development project itself was canceled without hitting the market. Windows Central has its own pre-release build of Andromeda OS. In addition, Andromeda OS is

a successor project of Windows 10 Mobile that Microsoft gave up in 2017, and it seems that the test was done on a terminal equipped with Windows 10 Mobile. For this reason, the official image obtained by Windows Central is also for the Nokia 'Lumia 950' that Microsoft was using for internal development at that time.

Since Andromeda OS is a pre-release version build, 'It is in a very rough state, the UI and functions are incomplete. However, it is enough about what Microsoft had in mind when building this OS. I understand, 'says Windows Central.

So, the lock screen of 'Andromeda OS' which is a mobile OS that Microsoft was developing is as follows.

At first glance, it looks like a normal smartphone lock screen, but you can take notes directly without unlocking by simply touching the lock screen with the dedicated pen. Since you don't have to unlock your smartphone and launch the memo app, the barriers to the act of taking notes are eliminated as much as possible.

The home screen is also a canvas for memos, and this memo function is called 'journal'. With Andromeda OS, the journal was always running in the background, allowing you to take notes anytime, anywhere. In addition, this memo

application is released for PC in the form of Microsoft Whiteboard , and it is possible to take notes with a pen, add sticky notes, insert images and 3D objects.

Andromeda OS is a gesture-based OS with a menu button at the bottom left of the home screen and a Cortana button at the bottom right. When you tap the menu button, a tiled menu screen like Windows 10 will be displayed, and you can swipe up and down to find the app you want to use. This menu button and Cortana button disappear when you open the app, but you can access the menu screen and Cortana screen by swiping left or right on the screen.

Swipe down on the notification screen to display the Control Center. This is the same as the one installed in Windows 11, 'it follows what was developed with Andromeda OS,' Windows Central said. In addition, the control center of Andromeda OS can turn Wi-Fi on and off, adjust the brightness and volume, and also has a music player, so it can be said that it is functionally equivalent to that of Windows 11. In addition, Andromeda OS uses Microsoft's

Fluent Design, which makes it look as if the background is blurred.

Andromeda OS makes use of Fluent Design in many places, such as lock screens, unlock screens, and control centers, which make heavy use of blurring effects.

In addition, Andromeda OS also has an experimental 'radial UD menu' mode, which is accessed by the UI (right image) with circular buttons instead of swiping to the menu screen or Cortana screen. Will be. 'At the time Andromeda OS was developed, not everyone was familiar with full gesture navigation, so an on-screen navigation menu could have been an alternative,' Windows Central said. did.

Windows Central said, 'It's very interesting to see how similar or different the user experience of Surface Duo with Android and Andromeda OS is. The feature of journal that can take notes anywhere is equipped with Android. It was the main feature for the Andromeda OS, not the Surface Duo. '

You can check how to operate the Lumia 950 with Andromeda OS in the following movie.

This is Microsoft's canceled Andromeda OS on a Lumia 950 --YouTube

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