An adapter that can turn a square cut rice cake into a 'kagami mochi' has been released, and how to make it is also open to the public.

Mr. xjoo92 created the 'Kagami Mochi Adapter ' that can instantly turn commercially available cut rice cakes into 'Kagami Mochi'. The procedure for creating and using the 'Kagami Mochi Adapter' is summarized in the movie released by Mr. xjoo92.

[Distributing in 3D] I tried to make an adapter that turns cut mochi into kagami mochi [slowly live] #bend mochi --YouTube

According to Mr. xjoo92, 'Kagami mochi adapter' is 'to bend down a rice cake' to the opportunity that you have forgotten to buy a rice cake thing to have been created for.

The first step to bend the cut rice cake is to prepare 3D data of Mukimuki Macho Man.

This time, the following 3D data created by Mr.

OSHOJO was selected.

3D Model Muscle 2 Free --Gary Laden --BOOTH

Next, load the 3D data of Mukimuki Macho into Blender of 3DCG software and add bones (framework to make the model pose).

Add more last parts ...

If you cut out the back part in a square and make fine adjustments, the 3D data of 'Kagami Mochi Adapter' is completed.

Process the completed 3D data into data for a 3D printer

with slicer software ...

Print with a 3D printer. Apparently, xjoo92 uses a

stereolithography 3D printer.

If you remove the support material after 3D printing is completed, the 'Kagami Mochi Adapter' is completed.

The 'Kagami Mochi Adapter' is 'an item that allows people in a crouched posture to lean forward to display cut rice cakes using the lower back, lower abdomen, and pectoral muscles.' If you set a commercially available cut rice cake on the back of a mukimuki macho like this, you can 'bend' the rice cake.

Also, by sticking double-sided tape on the back of the shoes, you can 'bend over' even heavy cut rice cakes.

Mr. xjoo92 distributes the 3D data of the 'Kagami Mochi Adapter' created this time on the following page. Also, since the actual movie explains how to operate Blender, it is recommended to play it if you are interested.

Kagami Mochi Adapter Convenient item that can turn cut rice cake into 'Kagami Mochi' Kakumi Mochi --xjoo92 --BOOTH

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