Until the SD card containing GIGAZINE logo is completed with the 3D printer "Zortrax M200" "MakerBot Replicator 2"

At the 3rd GIGAZINE offline event on 30th October (Sun), until the completion of GIGAZINE original goods "Making of GIGAZINE Original GoodsI will present by saying that, but I will release that material first.

Create an SD card holder with 2 3D printers

The creation flow is roughly like this

Step 1: Match the materials and tools

Prepare the necessary materials and tools in advance

Material for making 3D objects with 3D printers

Removal · deburring tool · cutting tool

Removal · lubricant · tool for cleaning

Dismantle, solid, breakdown, disconnection tool

Step 2: Create 3D data

Create 3D data using 3D CAD (3DCG) software

Step 3: Creating slicing data

How can I make 3D objects with 3D printers?

Specify print settings

Creating and saving slicing data (G-Code file)

A single layer stacked in a preview screen

Step 4: Setup and printing

Setup before printing (Part 1)

Setup before printing (Part 2)

Setup before printing (Part 3)

Now, print starts!

One hour later

Two hours later

Three hours later

4 hours later

After 5 hours

After 6 hours (printing completed)

Step 5: Part division - completion

Tool used for parts division

Remove the model from the heat bed

When taking out the model, divide it into parts

If you divide it into parts, remove deburred

Assemble when deburring is done


The end

Application from below.

GIGAZINE Secret Club 3rd Offline Event "GIGAZINE Original Goods Exhibition" What?

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