What is the keyboard 'Chara Chorder' that enables explosive typing to the extent that cheats are suspected?

Among those who are particular about keyboards, those with different shapes from general keyboards such as left-right separated keyboards and grid layout keyboards are useful. Among such unique keyboards, 'Chara Chorder' has a strange appearance with a large number of lever-shaped parts arranged, and it is said that explosive typing is possible so that fraud is suspected in the typing test.

CharaChorder --Type at the Speed of Thought --Peripheral Device


This Keyboard Lets People Type So Fast It's Banned From Typing Competitions

The explosive keyboard 'Chara Chorder' looks like this. A total of 18 white and black levers are mounted, 9 on each side.

The lever moves in four directions, up, down, left, and right, and the alphabet, arrow keys, mouse movement, etc. are assigned to each direction.

Also, for 'Chara Chorder', if you press 'h' 'e' 'l' 'o' at the same time regardless of the order, enter 'hello' and enter 'w' 'o' 'r' 'l' 'd'. It is equipped with an input assist function 'Chorded' that allows you to enter 'world' by pressing at the same time. By combining this 'Chorded' with a unique lever input, the required finger movement is reduced by 500% compared to a general keyboard.

Riley Keen, the developer of 'CharaChorder', used ' CharaChorder ' to hit a super high score of '500WPM (speed of entering 500 words per minute)' on the typing site 'Monkeytype'. However, because the input interval for each character reached a speed that was impossible for humans due to 'Chorded', it was illegally recognized by Monkeytype and was not reflected in the ranking.

At the time of writing the article, 'Chara Chorder' is out of stock, and a general-looking keyboard 'Chara Chorder Lite' equipped with the input assist function 'Chorded' is scheduled to appear in March 2022.

CharaChorder Lite --Pre-Order | CharaChorder

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