Why do you need '42% rest' to relieve stress and restart your life?

People are constantly under stress in their busy days, such as school life and work. It goes without saying that rest is necessary because

excessive stress causes various health hazards such as fatigue, headaches, depression, and anxiety. How much rest does a person need? This is controversial, but in recent years, the ' 42% resting law ' that '42% of life should be devoted to rest' has been attracting attention.

Work stress: how the 42% rule can cure burnout and anxiety
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Emily Nagoski , a PhD in Health and Behavior Sciences and a wellness education at Smith College, said, ' Burnout: The secret to solving the stress cycle ,' with her sister Amelia Nagoski, an associate professor of music at Western New England University. (Burningout Syndrome: The Secret to Solving the Stress Cycle) ”was published in 2019. This book, which describes how to significantly reduce stress and restart life, has become a bestseller in the United States. Of particular note in the book is what is called the '42% Law of Rest'.

In their book, they show that the human body and brain need 42% of the rest of the day, or 10 hours in terms of time. The 10-hour rest is not something that you must take every day, but the average time when viewed on a weekly or monthly basis.

Many of you may have had a bad cold after finishing a big project at work, or spent a few days sleeping on a long vacation. Since stress affects the system and functions of the entire body such as immune function, digestive function, and hormones, it is not uncommon to get sick after being exposed to extreme stress. 42% of the rest is needed for all these systems to work perfectly.

Why 42%? The reason can be understood by looking at the breakdown below. Of the 24 hours a day, 14 hours are spent on work and housework and childcare, and 8 hours are sleep. 30 minutes of stress-relieving conversations with partners and trusted people, 30 minutes of exercise, 30 minutes of meals, and 30 minutes of wildcards . It seems that the figure is 42% because it is necessary to do so much to reduce daily stress.

Looking at the details of rest, it is

widely known that sleep is important for physical and mental health. You can read how sleep affects stress from the following articles.

Research results show that 'joy of life' is lost due to lack of sleep --GIGAZINE

Exercise also improves sleep quality, breaks the stress cycle, and provides gear to switch the body from 'stress mode' to 'rest mode.' Many people think of exercise as one of the 'activities', but the 42% law of rest states that it is counted as 'rest' for this reason.

Being 'exercised' is important for your health-GIGAZINE

'Meal' does not simply mean the time you are eating, but includes cooking and shopping. It doesn't matter if you eat alone or with multiple people, but 'eating while' such as 'watching TV' or 'listening to a podcast' is not included in the rest. Meal here is a type of meditation, and it is important to concentrate on what you eat and what you are eating.

A 30-minute wildcard is the time to devote to the most useful action for the person. Some people need more exercise, others want to spend more time sleeping, people want to spend on social media, and others just want to be drowsy. The important thing is to wander in the default mode network.

On the other hand, it should be noted that the above is just a guide. For example, there are individual differences in the amount of sleep required, and some people may sleep 7 hours a day without problems, while others may feel tired if they do not sleep 9 hours a day. In addition, there is a possibility that what you want to cherish may differ, such as those who value food and those who value socializing in life, so time allocation should be adjusted according to individual needs.

Some people hear the 42% law of rest and think 'I can't take that much rest' or 'I don't need that much rest'. Of course, it is possible to keep moving even if the rest time is 42% or less, but there is a big difference between 'doing something every day' and 'living every day to grow stronger'. If you're a dog owner, few people will be dissatisfied with hearing that their pet sitter is sleeping in the cold, 'because they can tolerate it.' You should have a similar sensation to your body, and 42% of the rest is said to be necessary for a person to live at an optimal level.

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