9 games to play once you get the Nintendo Switch

2021 is fruitful for

Nintendo Switch , with the appearance of a new model ' Nintendo Switch (organic EL model) ' and the appearance of 'Nintendo Switch Online + additional pack ' that allows unlimited play of NINTENDO 64 and mega drive titles. It was a year. Overseas media The Verge has compiled a game that should be recommended for those who got a new Nintendo Switch with the appearance of new models and new services.

10 of the best games for your new Nintendo Switch OLED --The Verge

◆: Hades

The roguelike 2D action game released by indie game developer

Supergiant Games is 'Hades', which has won numerous awards such as the Best Game Award in the game category of the British Academy Awards in 2020. As a title similar to Hades, The Verge cites The Binding of Isaac, a roguelike action game. About Hades, The Verge describes it as 'the most balanced roguelike game I've ever encountered, with the best music and lighting.'

Hades is also playing on GIGAZINE, and you can check the reviews below.

Crispy and highly addictive roguelike 2D action game 'Hades' play review --GIGAZINE

The Nintendo Switch version of Hades is sold on Amazon.co.jp for 3300 yen.

Amazon | HADES-Switch ([Bonus] 'HADES' Original Soundtrack Download Code / Character Encyclopedia & [Amazon.co.jp Limited] Nintendo Switch Logo Design Microfiber Cloth Included) | Game

◆: Wargroove

Wargroove is a turn-based strategy game released by London game publisher Chucklefish. The game screen has a lovely appearance expressed in pixel art, but it follows the advantages of traditional strategy games and adds its own fantasy elements. The combat style is very similar to Advance Wars , but with some unique elements such as hero units and special skills.

Wargroove is sold at the My Nintendo store for 2050 yen including tax.

Wargroove Download Version | My Nintendo Store

◆: Subnautica

'Subnautica' is an underwater survival game on an unknown ocean planet. You can swim in the oceans of the ocean planets and explore the mysterious world of coral reefs, deep-sea caves, seaweed forests, etc. It will be the purpose.

In addition, the sequel 'Subnautica: Below Zero' has also been released, and a set of the two is sold at Amazon.co.jp for 5890 yen.

Amazon | Subnautica + Subnautica Below Zero (Subnautica + Subnautica: Below Zero) --Switch ([Amazon.co.jp Limited] Nintendo Switch logo design microfiber cloth included) | Game

◆: Cuphead

Cuphead is a 2D action shooter game released in September 2017 by Canadian indie game developer Studio MDHR. The biggest feature is that the style reminiscent

of the golden age of American animation in the 1930s, such as Mickey Mouse and Tom and Jerry, is often used throughout. It's a comedy-touch visual like an American children's anime, but the game is quite difficult and challenging.

The download version of Cuphead is sold on Amazon.co.jp for 1755 yen.

Amazon.co.jp: Cuphead | Online Code Edition: Game

◆: Celeste

'Celeste' is a 2D action game where you use the three actions of 'jump', 'air dash', and 'climb' to advance through the stage while avoiding enemy attacks and damaged terrain such as needles. It is a work that is particular about action, and you can see where the developer Maddy Thorson was particular about the action element of Celeste by reading the following article.

The developer of the super-difficult and high-speed masterpiece 2D action game 'Celeste' explains 'Points of attention regarding action' --GIGAZINE

The download version of Celeste is sold on Amazon.co.jp for 1926 yen.

Amazon.co.jp: Celeste | Online Code Edition: Game

◆: Diablo III Eternal Collection

The 'Diablo III Eternal Collection' is a collection of the 'Diablo III' released in 2012 and its expansion packs 'Reaper of Souls' and 'Rise of the Necromancer'. The Nintendo Switch version of the Eternal Collection includes characters and elements from The Legend of Zelda series, including pet Kokko, Triforce portrait frames, and Ganondorf's armor that allows you to change the appearance of your character. .. Multiplayer is possible not only for network communication but also for local communication, and The Verge wrote, 'The Nintendo Switch can be taken anywhere, so it is the best way to play Diablo III.'

Amazon | Diablo III Eternal Collection -Switch | Games

◆: Void Bastards

'Void Bastards' is a shooting game where you get on a drifting ship and escape the 'Void Busters', a collection of junk humans. Search for supplies on a dangerous ship, and fight while making your own tools and weapons from the acquired supplies. Even if the prisoner operated by the player dies, another prisoner can take over the battle, and all the tools collected so far can be taken over.

Void Bastards are sold at the My Nintendo Store for 1545 yen including tax.

Void Bastards Download Version | My Nintendo Store

◆: Griftlands

The deck-building roguelike game 'Griftland' is a work that explores the world while making full use of negotiations as well as battles. 'If you want to enjoy a card game that you can collect without paying, you definitely have to check out Griftland,' said The Verge. It's also packed with quests and random events, so you can enjoy different stories each time you play.

Griftland is sold at the My Nintendo Store for 2050 yen including tax.

Griftlands Download Version | My Nintendo Store

◆: Spiritfarer

'Spiritfarer' is a game in which you travel the sea as a mysterious captain who saves the souls who died while leaving their souls in their lives in a world between fantastic life and death. The game screen looks like a great handwritten animation, and The Verge describes it as 'a game of a Studio Ghibli movie.' Spiritfarer also incorporates agricultural and craft elements such as Stardew Valley and Animal Crossing, and is characterized by its bitter themes such as 'loss,' 'love,' and 'forgiveness.'

Spiritfarer is also playing on GIGAZINE, and you can check the reviews below.

'Spiritfarer' play review depicting encounters and farewells with lost souls in the beautiful ocean that spreads between life and death --GIGAZINE

Spiritfarer is sold at the My Nintendo store for 2980 yen including tax.

Spiritfarer® Download Version | My Nintendo Store

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