I tried Momoya's 'spicy and fragrant chili oil,' which is about 10 times as hot as 'eating chili oil.'

From the food maker Momoya, 'Spicy and fragrant chili oil ', which is made by adding chili pepper fried garlic to chili oil, has appeared. I heard that you can enjoy about 10 times the pungent

spiciness of 'spicy and not spicy chili oil ', which has become a hot topic as 'eating chili oil', so I tried it with rice and udon noodles.

Spicy and spicy chili oil | Momoya online shop

The spicy and fragrant chili oil bottle looks like this.

The raw materials used are rapeseed oil, chili peppers, fried onions, and fried garlic.

Calories are 736 kcal per 100 g.

This time, I also bought 'a little spicy chili oil that looks spicy and not spicy' for comparison.

The raw materials used are rapeseed oil, fried garlic, and other spicy and fragrant chili oils, but the content is different.

Next, let's check the appearance of the spicy and fragrant chili oil. When you open the lid of the bottle, you can see a black liquid. I saw something like garlic chips floating slightly, and the scent of garlic and sesame oil floated softly.

First of all, I decided to eat it as it is. The solid part sinks toward the bottom of the bottle, so mix well with a spoon and dig up.

This is what I scooped out with a spoon. If you try to eat it as it is, the pungent spiciness will hit your tongue. The editorial staff who are not good at spiciness can pick up tea immediately, and the editorial staff who say that spiciness is okay also describe it as 'spicy' and 'spicy'. Although it is mainly made of chili peppers, it also has a scent of garlic and sesame oil, giving the impression that it is easy to use as a seasoning.

Compared to the slightly spicy chili oil (right), which looks spicy and not spicy, the spiciness is exceptional. The slightly spicy chili oil, which seems to be spicy and not spicy, has a strong saltiness and a snack-like taste with a strong crunchy texture of garlic chips, while the spicy and fragrant chili oil (left) has a stronger spiciness. It is a taste that does not interfere with the taste even if it is added to the dish. Also, the amount of garlic chips increased and the amount of scented chili oil seemed to be less.

Next, let's make spicy

udon noodles by referring to the recipe using the spicy and spicy scented ra oil published by Momoya. First, add spicy and savory chili oil to the boiled udon noodles ...

Mix well.

Then, put the egg yolk on it and sprinkle the chopped green onions to complete it.

When I try to eat a bite, the spiciness is firmly attached, but the taste is a little blurred. Combined with sesame oil and egg yolk, udon changes to a spicy and mellow taste.

Next, I will put it on rice as it is.

When you eat a bite, you can feel the sweetness of rice that is complemented by the spiciness of chili peppers. The crunchy texture is also appetizing.

Also, this is what I made with reference to the recipe for


The water of the yudofu softens the spiciness, and the taste is so mellow that some people say that the spiciness is gone. Since the taste and aroma of garlic is strong, it can be used in situations such as 'I want to raise the spiciness' or 'I want to use it as a seasoning', such as using it with deep-tasting dishes such as meat dishes and ramen, or with gyoza sauce. It was an impression that it seemed to be useful.

The price of the spicy and fragrant chili oil is 328 yen including tax, and it is sold at supermarkets.

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