The degree of perfection of 'fictitious Pokemon' created by AI is too high

Attempts have been made in the past to automatically generate Pokemon names and characteristics with neural networks, but artificial intelligence (AI) that has been newly trained based on existing Pokemon images will automatically generate fictitious Pokemon. Data scientist Max Woolf is trying to do this.

GitHub --minimaxir / ai-generated-pokemon-rudalle: Python script to preprocess images of all Pokémon to finetune ruDALL-E

The data extracted from the API 'Poké API' that makes it possible to call Pokemon data in one place is converted into a format that can be used with the Russian neural network ' ruDALL-E' with a Python script. , 'Ai-generated-pokemon-rudalle' created by Woolf. By using this to train ruDALL-E to learn Pokemon images, an AI that can automatically generate 'fictitious Pokemon' will be completed.

The 'fictitious Pokemon' created using this is as follows.

Chiramyi to the body of Saidon of such Pokemon and ...... was synthesized the face of

There are many things that you can imagine the prototype, such as Pokemon like Corsola with a crumbled face.

Many other 'fictitious Pokemon' have been output ...

Some of them have a high degree of perfection that makes you think, 'Which series of Pokemon appeared ...?'

AI's own fictitious Pokemon No. 3 is as follows.

Some of them seem to be 'fictitious Pokemon generated by AI' whose body structure is clearly not biological.

Furthermore, if you train ruDALL-E only with images of 151 Pokemon that appear in the first Pokemon, the following fictitious Pokemon will be output.

A pale color 'fictitious Pokemon' that seems to be an illustration of early Pokemon is output, and it is really based on Sanders ...

There are many Pokemon who say that it wouldn't be strange to appear in the head family if they brushed up a little more.

In addition, attempts are being made to train AI with just one Pikachu image to generate various 'fictitious Pikachu'.

Various 'Pikachu-like things' were produced, from those that were quite close to the base Pikachu to those that had their arms turned into macho.

Some of the 'fictitious Pokemon' generated by AI are very similar to Morgana that appears in Persona 5.

It is to be noted that, as of Woolf Mr. Pokemon automatic generation AI in the same way, the AI original God by learning the character, you have also to generate a 'fictitious original God character'.

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