What is the project that aims to make the Linux touchpad operation as comfortable as a Macbook?

The trackpad on the MacBook supports gesture functions such as two-finger screen scrolling and pinch-in / out to zoom in / out images and documents. Bill Harding , CEO of GitClear , which develops software development efficiency tools, is developing an input driver for Linux to enable comfortable trackpad operation similar to MacBook even on Linux-installed devices. The progress is open to the public.

Linux Touchpad like Macbook Update: Touchpad Gestures Now Shipping ???? --GitClear

Harding is involved in the development of ' libinput ', an input driver widely used in the Linux environment. Harding was dissatisfied with the trackpad behavior of machines with Arch Linux installed around 2018 and participated in the development of libinput. Based on the answers to the questionnaire form below, we have been developing to realize comfortable trackpad operation while identifying problems related to Linux trackpads.

How can we make the Linux touchpad experience better? --GitClear

Harding's development team's contribution to libinput paved the way for the display server 's X server gestures to be implemented by December 2021 and Wayland 's gestures in early 2022. We have also completed support for gesture functions in UI toolkits such as GTK and Qt.

In addition, applications that are judged to be in high demand by the questionnaire are supported for each application, and Firefox and GIMP have already been able to zoom in and out by pinching in and out. Support for each application will be continued in the future, and at the time of article creation, the focus is on support for the rotation function of GIMP and the gesture function in Chrome / Chromium.

In addition, the timing when the libinput update is provided is different for each distribution. Harding is also looking to imitate the acceleration curve on the MacBook trackpad, and is soliciting support at the link below to keep development going smoothly.

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