Why should you avoid exploring extraterrestrial civilizations?

At the time of writing the article, the existence of extraterrestrial life has not been confirmed, but

there are multiple 'evidences of unexplained extraterrestrial life ', and it is possible that one day we will be able to discover extraterrestrial life. .. Meanwhile, Kurzgesagt , an educational YouTube channel, posted a commentary movie stating that 'you should avoid actively exploring extraterrestrial civilization.'

Why We Should NOT Look For Aliens --The Dark Forest --YouTube

One of the reasons to avoid exploring extraterrestrial civilizations is that extraterrestrial civilizations may not be friendly. Even if you have amicable relationships with some civilizations ...

Aggressive extraterrestrial civilizations can attack and invade the Earth and friendly civilizations.

The factors that cause the battle between space civilizations to begin include communication difficulties such as 'difficulty in communication due to different languages' and 'difficulty in communication due to the long physical distance'.

If you cannot determine whether the space civilization you encounter is hostile or friendly, the safest decision is to 'attack before your opponent and nullify your opponent's ability to attack.' For this reason, Kurzgesagt points out that if communication problems cannot be resolved, even encounters with extraterrestrial civilizations are likely to lead to battles.

If the battle with extraterrestrial civilization broke out and the opponent had more military power than the earth, the earth is expected to be defeated soon.

There are multiple possible situations in which extraterrestrial civilization possesses more military power than the Earth. First of all, the situation where the technology of the other civilization is more developed at the time of simple contact.

Even if the technical level is the same at the stage of contact ...

It takes years to get in touch with the Earth, during which time the technology of the other party may develop.

Besides, even if the technology is more developed than the opponent at the stage of starting to attack the opponent's civilization from the earth ...

By the time you arrive at your opponent's planet over the years, it is possible that your civilization was far more advanced than it was at the time of departure.

For these reasons, Kurzgesagt argues that exploration of extraterrestrial civilizations should be avoided in order to avoid combat with extraterrestrial civilizations.

Kurzgesagt also pointed out that the idea of 'meeting and attacking immediately' arises because the civilization of the earth is not fully developed, and the civilization of the earth is fully developed and peaceful dialogue with extraterrestrial civilization is possible. If it becomes, it will be possible to communicate with a peaceful extraterrestrial civilization.

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