Sony's "Xperia (SO-01B)" to support multi-touch, following the update to Android 2.1

NTT DoCoMo released this Android smartphone in April "Xperia (SO - 01 B, Xperia X 10 overseas)It is clear that it is planned to respond to multi-touch with the update.

On November 10, we updated the Android from 1.6 to 2.1,HD movie shooting function etc. were addedAlthough it is the same model, movies that are actually operating with multi-touch are also made public.

Details are as below.
Work ongoing on Pinch Zoom for Xperia X10 | Product Launch Blog

According to the official blog of Sony Ericsson mobile phone maker Sony Group, the argument about whether multi-touch can be dealt with is "Xperia" which has been repeated in various places from before the launch, due to hardware problems actually There was also a part, support of multi-touch up until now has been waited, but it seems to correspond to Medo in the first quarter of 2011.

This is because the company's technicians are using the touch panel on XperiaDigitizer (device for instructing the position to the computer)We developed drivers and firmware updates to support multi-touch operation, and we are working on it to complete the usability at the moment.

However, since the digitizer of the touch panel of Xperia can not perfectly use multi-touch, it is now aimed to respond to gestures including pinch zoom (zoom using 2 fingers) with browser and Google Maps Development is being carried out.

A movie actually using multi-touch on prototype. We realize Google Maps and game zoom.

YouTube - Work Ongoing on Pinch Zoom for XPERIA X 10

Although it is thought that Xperia will be released in the UK in February 2010 in the first place and updated, it will be celebrating the first anniversary of release, but how to put power into this update, such as adding a driver to the driver of the part itself Is not it exaggeration to say that it is just obsession?

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