It is confirmed that Japanese macaques 'catch fish' to survive the harsh winter

Recent studies have shown that Japanese macaques catch and eat fish such as trout in a stream in the middle of winter. It has been known that Japanese macaques have discovered and eat saltwater fish that have been washed up on the beach, but it was announced as a scientific paper that they are actively preying on freshwater fish. This is my first time.

Snow monkeys go fishing to survive harsh Japanese winters --study

Japan's snow monkeys go fishing to survive the harsh winter

Japanese macaques are sometimes called 'northernmost primates' because they live in the northernmost part of the world among non-human primates. Regarding Japanese macaques that live in mountains that are closed to snow in winter, researchers speculate that 'Japanese macaques may eat river fish to overcome the shortage of food in winter.' There was no evidence to show.

by Veronica Belmont

Therefore, a research team led by Professor Alexander Milner, who is studying river ecosystems at the University of Birmingham in the United Kingdom, conducted research to analyze the excrement of monkeys inhabiting the Chubu Mountain National Park centered on the Hida Mountains. ..

The coldness of the mountains in winter was harsh for the research team, but it was also difficult for tourists to look cold at Mr. Milner and others who gathered monkey droppings. 'Kamikochi is one of the most visited national parks in Japan, so when I was collecting Japanese macaque dung, I was seen by tourists with strange eyes,' said Milner. When I used the dye to track the water, I made a mistake and dyed the river in purple for about 30 minutes, which surprised tourists crossing the bridge over the river. ' I'm talking.

When the research team examined the excrement of Japanese macaques that they had painstakingly collected, it was found that they contained a type of trout, and it was confirmed that Japanese macaques entered the river in winter and preyed on fish. .. Other aquatic insect larvae were also found in monkey excreta. It is known that Japanese macaques often eat terrestrial insects in the summer, but this time it was confirmed that they feed on aquatic insects for the first time.

If you play the movie below, you can see the monkeys actually entering the river in winter and catching fish.

Snow monkeys going fishing --YouTube

According to Mr. Milner, the water temperature of the rivers in this area is kept at about 5 degrees due to the influence of groundwater and hot springs derived from volcanoes, so even if Japanese macaques enter the river, they will not be disturbed.

Regarding the results of this study, Mr. Milner said, 'I knew that Japanese macaques were visiting the river in winter, but it was not clear whether they were eating freshwater creatures. This is the first time I have confirmed that I am eating river fish. '

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