Why did North Korea become a paradise for wild birds?

Because North Korea does not allow free access of foreigners, its real circumstances are enigmatic. The fact that North Korea has become "wild bird paradise" where many migratory birds visit in recent years has been reported by the BBC.

Why North Korea is a safe haven for birds - BBC News

Shigits and chinblers are migratory birds traveling long distances twice a year for breeding and breeding. It is observed by the wild bird experts in New Zealand how the shorebird and herds stood on the west coast of North Korea.

It gathers on tidal flatsOwari's Hush. I am eating insects and earthworms.

This is searching for a small clamOBASHI.

Wild bird experts from NGOs in New Zealand were allowed to photograph these precious birds visiting North Korea.

Experts allowed to photograph wild birds with permission of the North Korean government. Furthermore, it seems that the security forces reported that we were watching birds.

According to Mr. Richard Fuller studying wild birds at the University of Australia, tidal flats, a place of relaxation for wild birds, are decreasing globally, and the area is reduced by a third compared to 50 years ago Thing. Wild birds have been driven to the remaining tidal flats, and wild birds have no choice but to change break spots and flight paths. In East Asia, the development progresses in Korea and China, the tidal flat is buried in the landfill and the case has disappeared, and wild birds that can not be rested in China and South Korea are gathered in North Korea.

Although it is a wild bird whose habitat is narrowed, the tidal flat in North Korea has no contamination of pesticides and pollution of rivers by factories, and that wild birds' abundance is abundant.

Residents of North Korea also showed interest in wild bird observation, said David Melvin, a member of the Wild Bird Expert Group.

While traveling abroad by travel restrictions is not free, it may be migratory birds to know North Korea more than humans.

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