Mosquitoes to eradicate dengue appeared

Since infection was discovered in Yoyogi Park in Tokyo,Expand infection nationwidedoingDengue feverCurrently there are no effective preventive vaccines as of 2014. Such dengue is also expanding outside of Japan, but in Brazil, which is said to be the world's most popular dengue fever, not only eradicates dengue mosquitoes but also release of mosquitoes that can suppress the symptoms of dengue fever infected people It was.

BBC News - Brazil releases 'good' mosquitoes to fight Dengue fever

BrazilFiocruzThe laboratory is studying the elimination of dengue fever and released 10,000 mosquitoes infected with bacteria that block dengue fever. A mosquito release is planned in the northern part of Rio de Janeiro, once a month for 4 months, and as this mosquito breeds and increases it is expected to increase the effect of preventing dengue onset. The program is being carried out in Australia, Vietnam and Indonesia in the future.

Bacteria that act to suppress dengueBolvakiaIt is a kind of symbiotic bacteria called "insects" and it is discovered from 60% of insects. When stabbed with mosquito infected with Bolvacia, it has the effect of suppressing the proliferation of Dengue virus in the human body. In addition, the action of Bolbachia as a bacterium acts like a vaccine to reduce mosquitoes with dengue viruses.


Even if female mosquitoes not infected with Bolvacia breed with the infected male mosquitoes, the eggs will not grow into larvae. If this is due to the nature of Bolvacia, if only male, female, or female is infected with Bolvacia, continue to release mosquitoes infected with Borbacia as Borbacia will be handed over to the next generation mosquitoes In the future it is expected to be able to eradicate mosquitoes with dengue virus. In a program already in various parts of Australia, on average it was about 10 weeks for mosquitoes with dengue until mosquito with Bolvacia dominated.

BySalvatore D'Oro

Although in Brazil there was a blank for over 20 years, dengue fever was rediscovered in 1981 and more than 7 million onset was confirmed over the next 30 years. The number of people infected has become the top level in the world, with onset of 3.2 million between 2009 and 2014, of which 800 have died. In the future, the project will be carried out at three places besides Rio de Janeiro, and a large-scale plan is scheduled in 2016.

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