More than 100 dolphins suddenly die in Amazon

More than 100 dolphins suddenly died in Brazil's Amazonas state. Researchers investigating the situation believe that an abnormally high water temperature or a large-scale drought may be the cause.

AgirAzul Notícias - Brasil - Mais de 100 botos cor-de-rosa e tucuxis mortos por causa da seca na Amazônia

Mass death of Amazonian dolphins prompts fears for vulnerable species | Dolphins | The Guardian

More than 100 Amazon river dolphins died in Lake Tefe in Amazonas state between September 23, 2023 and September 30, 2023, according to an announcement by the Mamiraua Institute , a research institute supported by Brazil's Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation. It has been confirmed that this is the case.

Lake Tefe is located in the interior of Brazil. When we hear the word ``dolphin,'' we tend to think of dolphins swimming in the sea, but the Amazon river dolphin, which has been confirmed to have died in large numbers, is a dolphin that lives in freshwater.

The dolphin carcass photographed on site is below.

In September 2023, only one-third of the normal rain has fallen in Tefe, and Lake Tefe is experiencing an extreme drought. Although the Mamiraua Institute said, ``It is too early to determine the cause of the mass death,'' it is certain that the ``drought'' in Lake Tefe and the ``water temperature exceeding 39 degrees at some points'' are related to the mass death. states that it is.

The drought in Lake Tefe is not only affecting creatures such as dolphins, but also humans, with some people having to travel a whole day to cover the distance that could be traveled in three hours by boat. In addition, there are reports that Brazilian authorities are predicting that ``the drought will become more severe and prolonged due to the effects of the El Niño phenomenon,'' and it has been pointed out that food insecurity may occur in Tefe due to the stagnation of movement. It has been. The Mamiraua Institute also urges residents living around Lake Tefe to be extremely careful when coming into contact with Lake Tefe water, and to avoid using the lake for recreational purposes.

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