I tried using the website 'Modemly' that can search the IP address and initial password of the router

When setting up a router, it is necessary to access a different IP address for each type of router, but since this IP address is a list of numbers, it is difficult to remember, and it is troublesome to pull out the manual every time you set up.

On the website 'Modemly ' that collects information on routers around the world, you can check the IP addresses and initial passwords of various routers, so I actually tried using Modemly to check the IP addresses and so on.

Router Setup and Security Checklist

The top page of Modemly is appealing that it covers 17,000 kinds of router information developed from 1800 brands, and the search field of the router is displayed below it. This time, previous reviews the ASUS of Wi-Fi 6-enabled router ' RT-AX89X enter the model number of', and then click the model name that appears.

Then, the

information page of RT-AX89X was displayed. However, it seems that the IP address of ASUS RT-AX89X is not registered in Modemly, and 'type the default IP Adress' is displayed.

Try another router. This time, enter the model number of the ASUS wireless LAN router '

RT-AC68U ' reviewed in 2014, and click the displayed model name.

The information page of RT-AC68U describes the IP address '' that should be accessed at the time of setting.

Furthermore, scrolling down, the IP address, initial user name, and initial password were summarized. In Modemly, you can browse the registered router information like this.

Modemly also has a page that summarizes the vulnerability information of routers registered in the US government's vulnerability information database '

National Vulnerability Database (NVD)'.

Router Bugs and Security Vulnerabilities

When you access the vulnerability information summary page, the router manufacturer name is listed in order of the total number of reported vulnerabilities. This time, let's check the information of Netgear , which has reported more than 500 vulnerabilities in total.

The Netgear information page shows the number of reported vulnerabilities along with the router model number. If you click on 'R7800', which has 24 reported vulnerabilities, ...

The details of the vulnerability and the affected firmware version were displayed in a row.

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