Succeeded in playing Super Mario 64 on Apple TV

A person who ported the popular game '

Super Mario 64 ' of yesteryear to Apple TV has appeared. 'You can play at 60fps, full screen,' he said.

Super Mario 64 Ported to the Apple TV (sm64ex-ios): appletv

Developer ports Super Mario 64 to the Apple TV, here's how you can try it [Video] ―― 9to5Mac

You can see how Super Mario 64 is actually playing on Apple TV from the following video posted on the overseas bulletin board 'Reddit'.

Mario's icon with mosaics alongside icons such as Apple Music. If you select this icon ...

Super Mario 64 will start.

I'm playing a game on my Apple TV just like a real machine.

It also has functions such as setting textures and executing cheat commands ...

It seems that you can play by making Mario huge.

According to ckosmic who executed the port, this port uses the ' Super Mario 64 Decompression Project '. The Super Mario 64 Decomp project is a project that has been running on the software development platform GitHub since around 2019, 'Recompiling Super Mario 64 and extracting source code in a programming language.' An example of using this project is a site where you can play Super Mario 64 on your browser.

A site where you can play 'Super Mario 64' for free from your browser has appeared --GIGAZINE

Using this project as a reference, ckosmic first ported Super Mario 64 to iOS. After that, he made small improvements such as support for an external display and ported it to Apple TV's tvOS.

However, Nintendo is known to insist on copyright infringement using the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) for the distribution of ROM data of games and the distribution of modified versions, and strongly demands the suspension of distribution. The site where Super Mario 64 can be played has already stopped service for some reason, and it is possible that this project by ckosmic will disappear due to copyright infringement.

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