What is Apple's counter-argument that Apple was directing users to the App Store without permission from developers to earn commissions?

Developers who publish their apps on the App Store are

charged by Apple for up to 30% of their in-app purchases. Regarding this fee, it was reported that 'Apple is directing users to the App Store without the permission of the developer in order to increase the revenue from the fee.' Apple has argued against this on the day of the press.

Apple secretly buying ads for their apps, complain developers --9to5Mac

Apple confirms it runs ads for third-party apps, regularly communicates with developers about it --9to5Mac

If you search for a subscription service such as a streaming service or matching app on Google or Twitter, a link to the App Store may be displayed above the official website of each service as shown below. According to media reports, these links include inventory purchased by Apple from each search service and social network. If a user installs the app and subscribes to a subscription plan on the app via these links, Apple will collect up to 30% of the plan fee.

Regarding this advertising measure by Apple, one developer said, 'Apple delivers advertisements to developers without permission.' In addition, 'If you subscribe to a subscription plan through the App Store, you will be treated as a customer of Apple rather than a customer of each service, and Apple may not disclose your information, which may make it difficult to support. There is. '

In the above report, Apple's delivery of advertisements without the permission of the developer is treated as a serious problem, but a few hours after the report, Apple said, 'Ads have been delivered for more than 5 years. We are working with developers. ' In addition, Apple said, 'We are buying inventory to promote the services we sell in the App Store, just as we advertise products sold by retailers.' We emphasize that distribution is a legitimate act in line with industry practice.

In response to this report and Apple's comments, Apple-related information site MacRumors said, 'I would be happy if Apple could promote my app for a 30% fee.' Wouldn't it be welcome for developers if they could make more money than commissions? '

Apple Defends Its Ads for Third-Party Apps, Says It Regularly Communicates With Developers and Has Been Running Them for Five Years | MacRumors Forums
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