'Excalidraw' review that you can enjoy hand-drawn-like drawing like a pencil sketch on the browser, free of charge & no registration required

'Excalidraw' is a free painting tool that makes it look like a hand-drawn drawing with not only the one drawn with a pen but also the shape and character tools created with the shape function. You can easily start drawing just by accessing the website, so I actually tried using it.



The top page of Excalidraw looks like this.

The language setting is English, but you can change it to Japanese from the button at the bottom right.

Function icons are lined up in the center of the upper part of the screen, select in order from the arrow mark, rectangle, diamond, ellipse, arrow, straight line, drawing, text, insert image, library. It corresponds to hotkeys 1-9 and 0 respectively. First, select the square shape tool and try drawing.

You can draw by simply clicking and dragging on the white canvas.

After drawing something, the function selection is always reset to 'selection', but you can lock it by clicking the lock mark on the left end and set it not to reset.

After drawing, change the shape and width of the line ...

You can add color.

If you zoom in, you can see that the lines are distorted and the hand-drawn look is expressed.

You can also copy, delete, and change layers by right-clicking on what you have drawn.

If you select multiple, right-click and click 'Group' ...

It can be treated as one layer at a time.

Drawing (freehand) looks like this. Like a brush, you can draw thin with fast drawing and thick with slow drawing.

When I try to use the text function, it looks like this. Alphanumeric characters and symbols have been changed to a hand-drawn font, but Japanese has not.

The icons on the upper left are for deleting canvas, uploading and exporting files, saving as images, and co-editing from the left. The half-moon mark below it is a button to switch to dark mode. To output the finished product as an image, click 'Save as image' ...

Just click 'PNG' or 'SVG' at the bottom. You can make it transparent by unchecking 'Background'.

Alternatively, by clicking 'Library' and then 'Browse Library' ...

You can browse and download

illustrations created by other users.

Illustrations created by others are freely available under the

MIT License. By using various illustrations, the expression will be enriched.

Excalidraw was a tool that made it easy to create pop and cute illustrations.

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