I have seen the launch of the first two-scale ball in Nagoya, where large fireworks with a diameter of 480 m have bloomed.

Miyazaki Seaside Art Fireworks , Moerenuma Art Fireworks and ' I have seen the art fireworks series' QUEEN SUPER FIREWORKS ~ Yozora no Rhapsody ~ 'consisting only of QUEEN officially recognized and QUEEN songs ' are 480m in diameter. I've seen it for the first time in Nagoya City to launch a two-dimensional ball that opens in size.

Nagoya Port Water Art Fireworks 2021

Since the event will be held on October 23, 2021 during the corona disaster, the venue will be operated in accordance with the guidelines for preventive measures against infection with the new coronavirus.

All seats in the venue are reserved seats for a fee, and only a fixed number of spectators can enter.

Since it is the first launch of a two-scale ball not only in Nagoya City but also in the art fireworks series, a video explaining the two-scale ball is being broadcast on the monitor inside the venue.

Nagoya Port Water Art Fireworks 2021 Nisakutama Special --YouTube

In this video, the production method and structure of the two-dimensional ball were explained.

Models are on display at the venue, and you can see the actual size and diameter of a two-dimensional ball, which is about 60 cm.

The cylinder used for launch is also huge. We were exhibiting the real launch tube that is actually used.

It is time to start the fireworks, and the fireworks will start to be launched.

In the art fireworks series, we are good at directing fireworks by synchronizing them with music, and at the end of the song, you can enjoy the fireworks as if you were watching a concert, such as applause from the venue.

In the production of these launches, the two-dimensional ball went up.

[4K30p] 2021 Meiko Water Art Fireworks [Part 2 (first half)] GREAT SKY ART-2021 NAGOYA Art Fireworks Festival --- YouTube

Around 25 minutes and 55 seconds, the fireworks that rise remarkably high and open wide are the two-shoulder balls.

A fireworks photograph of this first two-dimensional ball captured with a long exposure. A large firework that is missing one head becomes a two-shoulder ball.

The second two-shoulder ball.

[4K30p] 2021 Meiko Water Art Fireworks [Part 2 Great Sky Art (7, 8 and 9 songs in the second half)] GREAT SKY ART-2021 NAGOYA Art Fireworks Festival --- YouTube

The fireworks that open around 11 minutes and 7 seconds will be the second two-scale ball. Compared to other fireworks, the size was obvious, and it remained slowly and for a long time.

A fireworks photograph of the second two-dimensional ball captured with a long exposure. It is a large firework that wraps around the entire launch site.

This time it was the launch of two two-dimensional balls, but I was able to enjoy various other types of fireworks.

All seats in the art fireworks series are charged, and the number of spectators can be limited even in the corona disaster, and the bleachers are arranged with plenty of space. In this way, we have accumulated a track record of being able to hold fireworks events if corona measures are taken firmly, and while there are many fireworks festivals that are canceled or postponed, events where you can enjoy large-scale fireworks. It will be continued in the future.

The next art fireworks series will be 'Miyazaki Seaside Art Fireworks 2021 ' to be held on November 20, 2021 at Miyazaki Rinkai Park in Miyazaki Prefecture.

At Miyazaki Seaside Art Fireworks 2021, there is a special feature on Kamuro, which is a collection of fireworks called 'Kamuro' that shines for a long time.

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