We have seen the fireworks festival of the big otaku-tomboki giant "big fireworks festival of the gion Kashiwazaki Festival ocean" such as the simultaneous hitting of the masterbulbs of the masterpiece and the 300 scale bumps of the volume full scale

The summer vacation also begins and fireworks festival is held throughout the country.Echigo Three FireworksOne of "Gion Kashiwazaki Festival large fireworks display of the sea"Is said to be" Kashiwazaki in the sea ", and a wide dynamic launch place is being done at launch place. In particular, 100 shaku balls are launched at the same time over a length of 1.5 kmSimultaneous shot balls 100It is a powerful fireworks which can not be seen in other fireworks display. I saw the appearance of this firework display on July 26th 2017, since I have actually watched the simultaneous hitting of the balls 100 and 300 rings of the balls.

Gion Kashiwazaki Festival large fireworks display of the sea

If you reserve a fee seat in advance, you will receive a ticket and tournament program.

The venue where the fireworks display will be held,Niigata Prefecture Kashiwazaki City Minatomachi Seaside Parkis.

Arrived at the fireworks display venue on July 26, 2017. Simultaneous striking of the scale balls will be launched using the jetty which is reflected at the back.

Expand the launch site. Orange tubes lined up in front are the stars for Star Mine that will be launched during the tournament. Tubes arranged at equal intervals on the back side are for simultaneous hammering of balls 100 and are arranged at 15 m intervals. There was also a tube for a 3-rim ball to be launched separately from 100 simultaneous strikes.

The venue is spacious and a wonderful location where the horizon of the Sea of ​​Japan is spread. Panoramic shooting of the entire paid seat.

It is a little away from the launch site, but free seats are also substantial. I also tried panoramic shooting.

The weather on this day is sunny and there is no worry of rain. While watching the sun setting over the horizon of the Sea of ​​Japan, wait for the start of fireworks display.

Fireworks games started. This fireworks festival is done in a format in which a sponsorship company announces and StarMine is launched.

While sponsorship company announced, fireworks were on fire at one time, but suddenly fireworks of Mie Core suddenly appeared at the beginning of the start. Although Miyoshi is a fireworks that can be launched as an art ball at a competition event, it is surprising that I will strike a little while between programs.

You can see the underwater fireworks which explodes by fireworks into the sea as a production utilizing the location in the sea. Because it is driven into the sea in front of the paid seat, it is impressive full mark.

A luxurious Star Mine was launched one after the other, and it was finally time to hit 100 shaku balls at the same time. After the announcement of "launch is on", 100 shakuhaku will rise from the launch place of about 1.5 km in width at once. At the moment when we saw the fireworks to be seen, the cheers rose from the auditorium.

Approximately two seconds later, you will hear the launch sound. It is a feeling like "Schwo" when it goes up in a single shot, but when it is 100 shots at a time, it is "Zedo Doo ......" and it is thick.

It takes about 7 seconds for fireworks to come up after being launched, and we will have a feeling of expectation that can not be said for a while. Fireworks began to open all at once.

With the "Babababan" and the exciting explosive sound, the venue became bright like daytime.

Continuing from the crown that opened all at once, a floating pattern appears.

In the end, after an instant change to silver color ... ...

Fireworks will disappear, but the reverberation of the explosion will continue. From the seat, I heard voices and applause from the impression of "amazing" from here and there. About 20 seconds from launch until disappearing, when shooting with the lens of the full size 24 mm from the bench seat sees this time, we were able to shoot about 1.2 km of the whole width of about 1.5 km.

It is possible to confirm with the following movie the simultaneous hammering of the masterpiece of a masterpiece.

Simultaneously striking a masterpiece of a masterpiece [Gion Oshimazaki Festival Ocean Firework Display 2017] - YouTube

The fireworks still full of powerful still continue. At the end of the game, the fireworks on the sea are also scaled up.

I thought "this is over" and even bigger fireworks are driven one after another.

You can check the sea hollow Star Mine, which drives fireworks in the ocean, in the following movie.

[Large fireworks display 2017 of Gion Kashiwazaki Festival sea] than ultra Vesuvius sea hollow StarMine - YouTube

In addition, you can also launch a three-sized ball. The scale ball is a fireworks ball with a diameter of about 30 cm, but the three-sized ball is about 90 cm in diameter, the width of the fireworks spreading size is about 550 m. With the colorful fireworks launching, the three-scale balls beat up with the feeling that they finally appeared in the big places.

I will go up slowly with a feeling of heavy feeling plenty.

The three-rim ball opens at last. At the same time the explosion saw a magenta core.

It gradually spreads widely while flickering florets. Here, a shock comes with "van". In the case of Kurobama, it is a shock that comes to "belly" on the stomach, but in the explosion of the three-scale ball, I felt a heavy shock as something hit the whole body.

Sparks slowly fall down. I shot at the same field angle as 100 shots at the same time, but about half of the screen was buried with one three-sided ball.

You can check the three powerful large balls overwhelmed by the explosion sound with the following movie.

The powerful three-rim ball 【Gion Oshimazaki Festival Ocean Firework Festival 2017】 - YouTube

The last of the fireworks display, Kurobama 300 series. Normal star mine is made up of various sizes of fireworks while interlacing the scale balls, but in the last of this fireworks display, I will only use the scale ball. First of all, four balls repeatedly push up the scale balls.

As the launch progresses, the variation of fireworks will change. Here, fireworks with movement of light like a lunar phrase.

This is a fireworks that seems to change color and move. Moreover, it was a fireworks whose color changes as if it is spinning around a couple of laps.

Characters such as smiles are often made of No. 5 balls with a diameter of about 15 cm, but here are also rare things to use smiles for the core part of the scale ball.

Fireworks called thousands of rings with small flowers spreading all at once at the same time for a moment to make me think "unexploited". A beautiful blue thousand rings bloomed.

At the end of the game, the number and the pace of the shaked up balls will rise at the same time.

There are many variations, not being bored, as the composition is constructed from a monochrome to various fireworks, and a complicated form of fireworks goes up.

It is finally a climax. Up to this point, the shakuhama which was able to confirm the shape one by one also starts to open simultaneously from here.

At the end of the last, as soon as it opened all at once, the bomb sounded echoed. Cheers and applause rise from the venue. I was asked what impressions the audience impressed, "It was good to come".

Volume perfect fireworks display Last Shinkansen 300 series can be confirmed from the following movies.

Volume full scale scale ball 300 consecutive [Gion Oshimazaki Festival Ocean Firework Festival 2017] - YouTube

Simultaneous striking of scale balls can experience unique launch sounds and explosion sounds that can be tasted exactly here. In Kurobama 300 ramparts, not just a large number of balls but also a variety of variations after the fireworks are open, can also learn by seeing the change pattern of fireworks of a single person, seems to be watching a firework book guide did. In August "Nagaoka's fireworks"In September,"Kaname FestivalA large fireworks festival will continue in Niigata. Since fireworks festivals taking advantage of the characteristics of each area are held in various parts of the country, it is one of the ways to enjoy fireworks, such as "Do you have any interesting fireworks festival in local?"

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