Mos Burger 'Extremely Torotama Sukiyaki Tailoring' tasting review where you can enjoy plenty of meat sukiyaki & thick hamburger steak

A meat x meat hamburger with a soft-boiled egg sandwiched between sukiyaki-style beef and 100% domestic meat hamburger ' Tobikiri Torotama Sukiyaki-style ' was released by Mos Burger on Thursday, November 11, 2021. The beef sukiyaki are many Ude meat and roses meat with fat has been used in a well-balanced reddish, one of the hamburger is total 198 million meals were sales

darned hamburger sand is used which was increased the hamburger of 20% I was wondering what kind of taste the meat-filled hamburger had, so I actually ate it and checked the taste.

Sukiyaki tailoring
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I came to Mos Burger to get 'excellently melted sukiyaki tailoring'.

In the menu table placed at the store, the desired 'excellently melted sukiyaki tailoring' was appealing.

This time, I bought 'Extremely Torotama Sukiyaki Tailoring' and 'Double Extraordinary Torotama Sukiyaki Tailoring' and brought them home. The package is the design of

'Rilakkuma Collaboration ' which has been held since November 11, 2021.

First of all, I will try eating from 'Extremely Torotama Sukiyaki Tailoring'. When you take it out of the package, you can see the size of the hamburger that sticks out of the buns.

The diameter of the 'excellently melted sukiyaki tailoring' is about 10 cm ...

The thickness was about 5 cm.

When I opened the buns, I found sukiyaki and a soft-boiled egg on top of the hamburger steak. Sukiyaki is made up of ingredients such as meat, onions, and green onions.

There was lettuce under the hamburger steak. Also, the inside of the buns is lightly toasted.

Sukiyaki has a sweet soy sauce flavor, and you can also feel the flavor of onions and green onions. On the other hand, the surface of the hamburger is slightly hardened and baked, and the inside has a fluffy texture. Since sukiyaki and hamburger steak come into your mouth at the same time, the desire to 'eat gutsuri meat' is satisfied.

When I ate the soft-boiled egg part, the yolk overflowed from the inside. Sukiyaki seasoned with a little darkness and mild yolk are a perfect match, and it has a taste like 'just sukiyaki'.

Next, I'll try 'Double Extraordinary Sukiyaki Tailoring'.

When you remove the buns, it looks like this. According to the clerk, the only difference between 'extraordinary sukiyaki tailoring' and 'double extraordinary sukiyaki tailoring' is the number of hamburgers, and the amount of sukiyaki does not change.

By arranging 'Superbly Torotama Sukiyaki Tailoring' and 'Double Extraordinary Torotama Sukiyaki Tailoring', you can see the volume of 'Double Extraordinary Torotama Sukiyaki Tailoring' containing two hamburgers.

When you try 'Double sukiyaki sukiyaki', the basic taste is the same as 'Sukiyaki sukiyaki', but the doubling of the amount of hamburger makes you feel more drowned in the meat. .. Although the proportion of sukiyaki has decreased due to the doubling of hamburger steak, the flavor of sukiyaki is so strong that you can enjoy both sukiyaki and sukiyaki without hiding behind the hamburger steak.

Also, when the yolk overflows, it has a mild taste overall, so you can eat it until the end by adjusting the timing of eating the yolk.

'Extremely Torotama Sukiyaki Tailoring' is 590 yen including tax, and 'Double Tobikiri Torotama Sukiyaki Tailoring' is 820 yen including tax. You can eat it at Mos Burger nationwide except stores.

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