I tried Burger King's 'Crown The One Pounder' which is full of meat, cheese, meat, and cheese.

Burger King has released a giant cheeseburger called ' Crown the One Pounder' on Friday, August 11, 2023, which is a new addition to the popular 'One Pounder' series, with four flame-grilled beef patties and six slices of cheddar cheese sandwiched between four types of crown cheese buns. I went to eat it.

The third installment of the popular One Pounder series, 'Crown The One Pounder' is now available! A super large cheeseburger with 4 slices of flame-grilled beef and 6 slices of cheddar cheese sandwiched between 4 types of cheese crown buns is born!


Arrived at Burger King.

The 'Crown The One Pounder' was completed in about 7 minutes after ordering.

It came with a crown-shaped sticker.

When you open the package, you'll see the Crown One Pounder. The buns are made with four types of Crown cheese, which makes it look completely different from any other Whopper.

Because it contains four patties, it is about 8cm tall.

It uses six slices of cheddar cheese, so the cheese melts when you cut it. When you eat it, the meaty taste of the grilled patty spreads in your mouth, followed by the rich flavor of the cheese, creating an intense and powerful taste that feels like you're being slapped back and forth between meat, cheese, meat, and cheese. Occasionally, the flavors of ketchup and pickles are added as accents. In short, it fulfills your desire to fill your stomach with a hamburger full of meat.

The Crown One Pounder is priced at 2,040 yen (tax included) for a single item, and 2,340 yen (tax included) for a set.

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