Microsoft's acquisition of a moderation company could make Minecraft and Xbox games more comfortable to play

Microsoft announced on October 29, 2021 that it has acquired Two Hat

, a content moderator. Microsoft says that Two Hat's technology, which uses AI to crack down on harassment on the Internet, will be used to improve services in the game business such as Xbox and Minecraft that the company is developing.

Microsoft acquires Two Hat to collaborate on online safety and digital wellness solutions for online communities --The Official Microsoft Blog

We are excited to announce: Microsoft has acquired Two Hat --Two Hat

Microsoft acquires Two Hat, a moderation company that helps keep Xbox clean --The Verge

Two Hat is a content moderation company founded by Chris Prive, who was in charge of security at Disney Interactive , in the wake of the 2011 incident in which a 15-year-old woman committed suicide due to cyberbullying. Our main business is content moderation, which analyzes messages, images, videos, etc. and detects harmful posts. Microsoft and Two Hat have been in a business relationship for some time, but this acquisition will further strengthen the collaboration. Details such as the purchase price are unknown.

'Microsoft and Two Hat have been playing aggressive moderation techniques to detect and remove harmful content before it's visible over the past few years,' said Dave McCarthy, Corporate Vice President of Xbox Products and Services at Microsoft. For example, Two Hat's technology has helped keep the Xbox, Minecraft, and MSN communities safe. With this acquisition, Microsoft's gaming and a wide range of other consumer services. We hope that the moderation in will be further accelerated and will be available to external partners and existing customers of Two Hat. '

Xbox President Phil Spencer also told Twitter: 'Community trust and security are the cornerstones of Xbox. That's why I'm happy that Microsoft has acquired Two Hat, a leader in content moderation. We will continue to invest for the safety of our players. '

Microsoft introduced the ability to filter text messages with AI in 2019, and has announced a policy to filter voice conversations in real time in the future. In 2021, Manic Gupta, who has a background in product management at Google and Uber, was appointed as Corporate Vice President for Microsoft Teams, and we are focusing on improving consumer services.

Microsoft aims to filter voice conversations in real time with AI-GIGAZINE

'As part of Microsoft, we look forward to further improving the digital well-being of our customers and their communities,' said Prive and Steve Perkis, CEO of Two Hat, in a statement. Did.

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