It is pointed out that the reason why human body temperature has decreased in the past 200 years is because of 'decrease in physical activity'

Studies show that modern human body temperature is 0.59 degrees lower for men and 0.32 degrees lower for women than about 100 years ago, compared to the average human body temperature recorded about 200 years ago. .. Researchers have pointed out that the mystery of this decrease in body temperature is 'maybe due to a decrease in physical activity.'

Historical body temperature records as a population-level'thermometer' of physical activity in the United States --ScienceDirect

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In January 2020, a study was published comparing the average human body temperature during the Civil War era of the 1860s with the results obtained from the American National Health Survey, which began in the 1970s. In this, it was shown that the average body temperature of human beings is decreasing, and researchers speculate that 'the rise of modern medicine may be the cause of the decrease in chronic infectious diseases that cause an increase in body temperature.' rice field.

It turns out that human body temperature has dropped since the 1800s, why? --GIGAZINE

In addition 2020 second half, Bolivia result of the examination of indigenous peoples living in remote areas, that the average body temperature is lowered even 0.5 degrees in just 16 years found . It has been shown that further investigation is needed because hypothermia is not a phenomenon peculiar to Americans and is clearly not due to improved hygiene or medical care.

Andrew Yegian and colleagues at Harvard University hypothesized that the decrease in average body temperature was due to a decrease in metabolism, that is, a decrease in physical activity. Since the widely used method of recording physical activity in modern times was not done 100 years ago, Yegian et al. Modeled changes in physical activity, metabolism, and body temperature to analyze the relationship between physical activity and body temperature. bottom.

According to calculations by Yegian et al., Men's metabolic rate has declined by about 6% since the 1820s. Since this was the same number as when a 75 kg man ran lightly for 27 minutes a day, Yegian et al. It's been down for 30 minutes, which may have affected the decrease in body temperature. '

'Improved health may have reduced the need for thermoregulation compared to the past. Physical activity is a major determinant of health, and human physical activity has been a major determinant of health in the last few generations. Understanding how much it has declined helps to understand how an increased incidence of chronic illnesses such as heart disease and Alzheimer's disease is associated with physical activity. '

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